10 Fantastic Yoga Retreats in Deutschland 2022

A yoga retreat in Deutschland is an excellent choice to relax or get away from daily life. There are numerous design options; yoga retreats combined with hikes in the mountains for total stress reduction or surfing; yoga trips offer us a lot.

Many beautiful places in Germany are ideal for a yoga holiday, whether you want to relax, deepen your yoga practice, or simply have an unforgettable trip. The range of yoga trips is broad, and there is something for every yogi, no matter how much money, time, or experience you have.

This article presents the best 10 yoga retreats in Deutschland in 2022.

Get ready to pack your bags for a fantastic adventure.


3 days yoga weekend with half board and 4 x yoga in Rügen.


Based on expert tips, this is one of Deutschland’s most popular yoga retreats in 2022 that will make you enjoy the serenity of nature on Rügen and combine your time away with relaxing yoga classes. Massages, saunas, baths, and individual nutritional advice are available as extras.

You will receive professional yoga instruction from three qualified teachers. You will spend two nights of accommodation at the picturesque farm, which is composed of a thatched half-timbered house and two other places, centrally located on the island of Rügen.

This yoga retreat in Deutschland will serve you vegetarian food made from organic produce under Ayurvedic principles.



5 days of yoga and hiking, a program for the soul in the Ore Mountains, Saxony.


This yoga retreat in Deutschland provides a tranquil setting for relaxation. Yoga classes are held twice a day, a 2-3 hour guided hike, and three small packed lunches for the trek.

The program is designed so that you will still have time for your private leisure activities.

The Landhotel Altes Zollhaus is the perfect place where you can immerse yourself in art, culture, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle! The old customs house is nestled among the meadows, fields, and forests of the eastern Ore Mountains.

If you want to get away from the daily life routine, you’ve reached the right place. This yoga retreat in Deutschland has a vast wellness space. For your comfort, there are four different saunas and various massage treatments and beauty services.

Packed lunch for your hiking trip is included in the price, and so is a traditional German breakfast. Dinner is not included in this retreat, but you can eat at their wood-fired pizzeria.



6 days yoga and windsurfing holiday in Rügen.


Enjoy the best balance of relaxation and adventure. Windsurf on the Baltic Sea in the mornings and relax in the evenings with highly qualified yoga classes and spa services.

This yoga retreat in Deutschland includes five nights in either a single or double room for two people. Breakfast with fresh fruit is served in the morning, followed by yoga sessions that include asana practice, breathing techniques, and meditation. In the evening, a rejuvenating yoga class welcomes you to get you ready for the next day’s 10 surfing lessons. An excellent mix of adrenaline and relaxation!



6 days of yoga holiday light by the sea in the Baltic Sea resort of Baabe on the island of Rügen.


Enjoy six days at this beautiful yoga retreat in Deutschland, and practice long but relaxing yoga sessions by the sea in the Baltic Sea resort of Baabe on the island of Rügen. Frithjof Bluhm and Adam Yoos, professional and qualified yoga teachers, will give you tips for improving and deepening your asana practices at home.

Relax and feel better in the family and health hotel in the Baltic Sea resort of Baabe on the island of Rügen-in double rooms of various sizes and luxurious family rooms. The budget includes a delicious breakfast buffet every day. The breakfast is served with fresh and organic drinks.

There are numerous activities and adventures available on the island of Rügen, such as kite surfing, bike rides, and a helicopter sightseeing flight over Rügen, among many others.

Apart from these special activities at this yoga retreat in Deutschland that will add fun and action to your vacation, many in-house services will facilitate your experience in the Baltic Sea resort and make you feel relaxed and satisfied, such as the bar, the dining area where you can eat, sit and relax, free WiFi, and many more amenities.



5 days of yoga, nature, and YOU vacation in the Eastern Ore Mountains.


This traditional hotel is set in the eastern Ore Mountains, close to the Czech border, and is surrounded by woods and grassland.

This beautiful yoga retreat in Deutschland will provide you with an unforgettable yoga getaway that includes a wellness package with four different saunas, four delicious vegetarian meals, eight yoga classes, and a yoga mat and meditation cushion. The only thing you need to bring is an open heart and mind.

You will spend your free time participating in various activities and adventures that are included in the price of this yoga retreat in Deutschland, such as cross-country skiing, biking, and hiking.



6 days yoga retreat with private yoga and wellness treatments at the Yogahotel Hof Kranichstein, Rügen. 


The picturesque farm welcomes you to experience a relaxing and memorable trip. The farm consists of a thatched half-timbered house and two other places.

This yoga retreat in Deutschland will offer asana practices, breathwork, and meditation. You can also relax on our lovely garden terrace when the weather permits! Four healthcare treatments are available in addition to the sauna and a 30-minute massage.

Every day you will be served a delectable breakfast and fresh cold drinks. For dinner and lunch, several local restaurants in the area are also easily accessible by a short walk.



3 days yoga and meditation weekend in the Black Forest.


This short, relaxing weekend at one of the best yoga retreats in Deutschland will provide you with the time and space to unwind and enjoy the peace away from the daily stresses of life. Through everyday deep, powerful, inspiring, gentle, and inflow yoga practices, spiritual practices, and ritual work, you will come back home feeling strong, bolstered, and comfortable.

You will spend two nights in luxurious, fully equipped single and double rooms in the lovely environment of the Hensellek seminar farm, which was lovingly decorated and renovated.

You will be served deliciously prepared meals and fresh beverages during your stay at this yoga retreat in Deutschland.

You will have time to relax, enjoy a sauna, go for a walk, or read a good book when you are not practicing yoga.



4 day yoga break at Schloss Blumenthal, Aichach, Bavaria.


You are welcome to the Hotel Schloss Blumenthal in Germany to focus on your practice, relax, and have an unforgettable vacation.

Yoga classes include guided relaxation, breathing techniques (pranayama), multiple yoga asanas, and fitness activities that give deep peace to your body, mind, and soul.

You will stay in a well-equipped room with a private bathroom, hairdryer, telephone, and internet access at the Hotel Schloss Blumenthal.

The chef will spoil you with a luxurious breakfast buffet and delectable vegetarian meals in the evening.

You can go for a walk in the castle park in your free time. Inhale and exhale fresh air. Enjoy the birds’ singing. Laugh, or simply sit in your beautifully designed room and relax.

Book this luxury yoga retreat in Deutschland and enjoy your yoga long weekend gateway.



3 days weekend vacation with yoga, archery, and horseback riding in Wasserburg, Bavaria.


Join this fantastic yoga retreat in Deutschland to leave your anxiety behind, calm your mind and body, and find your inner peace. You will relieve stress and concentrate only on the essential things.

You will relieve stress and concentrate only on the essential things during this weekend yoga, intuitive archery, and calming daily exercise on a guided horse (hippotherapy). You can enjoy a relaxing sauna session or simply relax and lie down on the terrace.

During your stay, you will be a guest in one of the rooms in the InnHoehe house or the Erndl horse farm.



6 days of yoga and sea on the island of Rügen.


Do you want to spend a calm week in the middle of nature? Wildlife enthusiasts, those looking to find peace, yogis and non-yogis, water sports enthusiasts, and horse riding enthusiasts will find the Kranichstein farm at one of the best yoga retreats in Deutschland be ideal. Explore the island and have a one-of-a-kind yoga journey.

When you integrate breathing and movement and strengthen your body awareness, you will discover new peace, true happiness, and harmony in your mentally heavy daily tasks.

Daily yoga classes will be held in the in-house yoga studio or on the yoga terrace with professional yoga teacher Catherine. You can explore the area in your leisure moments.

You will begin your day with a nutritious breakfast of fresh fruits, freshly made jams, fruit drinks, tea, and coffee.



These 10 best yoga retreats in Deutschland for 2022 will give you everything you need to focus on your practice and nothing else.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your vacation. ❤❤ 

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