The Top 8 Yoga Retreats in Brandenburg 2022

Brandenburg in Germany is well-known for its stunningly beautiful surroundings and spectacular natural places to visit. Imagine a walk in the Lower Oder Valley National Park after relaxing morning yoga, then take a shower,  And go on a trip to one of Brandenburg’s biosphere reserves or nature parks.

Yoga in Brandenburg will undoubtedly be a unique and unforgettable experience! Don’t miss the chance to pamper yourself with these luxurious and fantastic pleasures and amenities. Brandenburg has a wide range of exciting adventures and relaxing retreats to provide.

Check out these 8 top yoga retreats in Brandenburg in 2022 and enjoy a relaxing and memorable yoga vacation.


3 days Golden Autumn Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in the Uckermark.


The beautifully designed country house on the lake, wonderfully located like the Uckermark, welcomes you to spend an unforgettable yoga gateway.

This Brandenburg long weekend yoga retreat will provide you with  Mindful yoga classes, nourishing Yin Yoga elements, and delicate, relaxing purifying and detoxification techniques to leave the retreat refreshed and happy to face life again.

Prepare to be pampered with Ayurvedic meals that are seasonal, mostly vegan, and gluten-free. The highlights of this Brandenburg yoga retreat in 2022 include two nights’ accommodation at the Alpakahof in Pinnow, which will provide excellent and comfortable furniture and luxurious amenities in a single room if you prefer privacy. Or you can stay in the Best Friends room if you have company, which has a queen-size bed for two people.



3 days mini-retreat, a weekend break with Vinyasa Flow Yoga, meditation, and nature in Potsdam.


This retreat is a quick but powerful breathing space offered by a fantastic yoga retreat in Brandenburg. It’s a tremendous opportunity to regain strength and confidence by practicing Yoga and meditation.

You will feel relaxed and breathe fresh air, which will allow you to come back to your daily life with a new soul, thoughts, and body.

Professional and certified yoga teacher Leander Graf promises to incorporate greater flexibility and balance into your daily life!

The highlights of this yoga retreat in Brandenburg include three vinyasa yoga classes, delicious vegetarian meals prepared together, and two nights of lodging in warm and luxurious rooms.



3 days Simply Be Yoga Retreat with meditation, gong, and deep relaxation in the Uckermark.


This is one of the best yoga retreats in Brandenburg that will provide you with tranquility and clarity to reflect on the essential things in your life.

Booking this retreat will help you find your inner peace,  Allow your inner voice to speak again during the calm yoga classes, and feel relaxed and refreshed.

This yoga retreat in Brandenburg’s highlights includes depth through silence, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and mantra chanting.

You can choose between two-person bungalows or stay alone in a cabin for more privacy.

There are beautiful calm places for nature walks. There are stunning areas for spiritual practices and a breath walk by the lake.

Enjoy healthy yoga movements and three healthy, delicious meals prepared using organic and vegetarian ingredients.



3 days Soul Treats Yoga Retreat with Embodied Movement and Journaling in the Spreewald.


You will begin your morning with pranayama and meditation sessions and then a dynamic yoga practice.

After a delicious brunch, you’ll have plenty of time to unwind, read a good book, sit on the beach, hike, or ride your bike to the lake for a picnic.

You can sit under the starry night sky around the campfire in the evening, either with blogging and a fire ceremony or in a swimsuit.

You will practice your yoga classes with Marianne, that teaches yoga with a comforting, gentle voice, a sense of fun, and tips for all yoga practitioners levels.

During your two nights on the farm, you will have to stay in a small and beautiful apartment with a private bathroom, shower, and fully equipped kitchen.

The retreats cook will serve you Organic and local, vegetarian, and vegan meals prepared fresh and picked straight from the courtyard garden products.

This retreat is indeed one of the best yoga retreats in Brandenburg in 2022 for a luxurious, unforgettable experience.



3 days a little break yoga retreat with Ayurvedic food and nature in Nedlitz near Potsdam.


This yoga retreat in Brandenburg will offer you yoga, Ayurvedic food, nature, water, and pure relaxation.

You will practice Vinyasa Yoga sessions with meditation at one of the best yoga retreats in Brandenburg. Massages are available upon request, or you can relax and enjoy swimming in the Pure Nature and private bathing location or going for a walk in the woods.

During your relaxing holiday, you will stay in a hotel with beautifully and comfortably decorated rooms, a lounge, a yoga room, and a kitchen—a true haven of peace. You can choose between single or double rooms that are stylish and colorful. Each room has a bathroom as well as a roof terrace.



12 days of 100-hour yoga teacher training in Wusterwitz, Brandenburg.


Durga’s Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism will host its seventh training in Germany this summer! participate in e100-hour yoga instructor training located in a place that embodies nature and transformation and provides spiritual development and knowledge and experience on community and self-responsibility. You will be staying amid nature, between green fields, with swimming areas. this yoga retreat in Brandenburg is an  Excellent location for yoga instructor training!

this retreat is one of the best yoga retreats that allow students to concentrate intensely on their exercise, completely immersing themselves in a process of training and self-discovery.  Students experience the joy of deeply participating in yogic practice and a healthy lifestyle.

You will sing mantras with Iris Disse, the founder of Durga’s Tiger School, and learn from the coaching staff of worldwide instructors. Take lessons about shamanism, dance, and creativeness as well.

You will spend 11 nights in the large seminar room at one of the best yoga retreats in Brandenburg. it has large window fronts on opposing sides with views of the main plaza and the beautiful lake. On summer days, you can enjoy swimming there, or you can enjoy the delicious vegetarian meals for the entire 12 days.



3 days Online Mala Necklace self-knotting workshop with meditation.


This is one of the best yoga retreats in Brandenburg, in fact, the best online yoga retreat in 2022. You don’t have to pack your bags to fully relax and deepen your yoga practice, because this is a program of three 1:1 online meetings via zoom.

You will use a mantra to support your usual Japa meditation. Your mala is something unique, you will learn how to tangle it in your hand with the pearls of your choice (with authentic mala beads from India). The process of making and threading your mala is very calming and useful, and it’s a perfect exercise to do alone or with mates.

you will do  Zoom meetings lasting approximately 40 to 60 minutes each. You can choose your dates and times and discuss travel with Chalo.

in this yoga retreat in Brandenburg, you will learn how to Make your genuine pearl mala, how to Use your mala to meditate and discover how to make a mala.



25 days of 200-hour teacher training in Bad Belzig, near Berlin.


This long but beneficial yoga retreat in collaboration with Durga’s Tiger School is the final suggestion on our list of the best yoga retreats in Brandenburg in 2022.

This teacher training team is comprised of approximately 30 students and is led by a professional worldwide teaching team. this yoga retreat in Brandenburg’s teachers will allow students to devote their full attention to their learning process.

forget about your chaotic daily life and visit this amazing yoga retreat in Brandenburg to relax, deepen your practice, and gain your certification and register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher. 



Thank you for reading, and enjoy your vacation. ❤❤ 


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