Best 7 Yoga Retreat France Destinations For 2022

The yoga retreat France is becoming more and more popular in the world. It is no secret that yoga has become a huge part of the lifestyle for many people, and yoga retreats have been created to help make this possible. Yoga offers a chance to take time out from daily life to focus on oneself through meditation, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and healthy living practices. In this article, we will review the best yoga retreat France destinations.

Are Yoga Retreats Worth It? 

A retreat provides an opportunity for you to grow and learn. It can be difficult at first, but it’s worth trying out curated activities so that new experiences are brought into your life outside of what is normal every day living on tour buses or planes with all those people. They also provide yoga instructors who are highly experienced and skilled, which can really help to improve your yoga practice. So the explicit answer to this question is an absolute Yes!

The Best Yoga Retreat France Destinations:


8 Day Hiking and Yoga Holiday in Chamonix with Susie Murray


Location: Chamonix, Haute Savoie, Auvergne-Rhone Alpes, France

You will be nourished and challenged during the week as you explore Vinyasa Flow. This physical practice creates space for playful exploration by listening deeply to your body while learning how it can lead us into a richer experience of life through discovering clarity in ourselves–and our connection with others!

Be inspired and excited to open the body, heart, and mind to new experiences of being present from moment to moment with this exceptional yoga retreat France destinations. This retreat will have plenty of opportunities for you: yin yoga practices that nourish your physical being through restful relaxation in between sessions; pranayama breathwork techniques designed specifically with mindful inhaling & exhaling while resting or just sitting comfortably close by listening deeply into one’s own Beingness which helps restore balance within oneself as well inspire creativity at its finest forms!



8 Day New Year Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Ariège, Midi-Pyrénnées


Location: Ariège, Midi-Pyrenees, France

You will be able to explore the beautiful jungle at your own pace during this yoga retreat France destinations, with yoga sessions and meditation in between. You don’t need any experience – just an open mind! So slip into some comfortable clothes because you’re about to go on a journey that is sure not only get spiritual but also physical too. When classes are over for early risers like us who want more out of our day than sitting by the fire or taking naps under tall trees without shade (I know right?), there’s plenty of time left over for hiking through winding paths lined up side-to-side above cascading rivers… The options are individual coaching, massage therapy sessions for you to enjoy in your space. The week is meant as an opportunity to reflect together with loved ones or at least one other person who has been there too! So what are y’all waiting for? Come with them on this yoga retreat France destinations and let’s go deeper into your spiritual self!



4 Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Chateaubriant


Location: Yoga Thym, La Haute Laudais, Chateaubriant 44110 France

This mindfulness retreat replenished your creativity by providing you with loving care in a relaxed atmosphere. The two daily sessions of yoga, meditation, and workshops will help hone the energy that’s been pulled from its zen state during these past few months while balancing it out through three local meals per day lovingly prepared at home by myself or one other volunteer cook each day–surrounded only by gorgeous Breton countryside! Although there are plenty of optional aspects to this program (depending on preference), every detail has been planned for maximum rejuvenation potentials so make sure not to miss out when registration opens again soon!



4 Day Unique Yoga and Meditation Retreat to Banish Winter Blues in Chateaubriant, France

Location: La Haute Laudais, 44110 Chateaubriant, France

The Yoga Thym retreat offers a combination of gentle stretching and deep meditation to relax you after your busy day. This program begins every day at 16:30 with an introduction, followed by perfect for beginners yoga poses that are designed so everyone can enjoy them regardless of their experience level or physical condition! The price includes all accommodation in shared rooms – there’s plenty of space available throughout the week even during high seasons because our low winter capacity is always exceeded quickly each year due to demand from students who want this amazing service just once before it ends forever!



4 Day Tao Yoga, Qigong and Meditation Retreat in Ariège, Southern France


Location: Tourné, 09420, Castelnau Durban, France

The perfect getaway! A retreat for all levels, with programs that are suitable to practices from beginners through those who have many years experience. Choose between three different proposals: Tao Yoga or Qigong plus meditation – they’ll share a similar theme on natural reorganization in order to release stress and improve energy levels while managing your body’s vitality at its best states of healthiness too.

This great yoga retreat France offers three different types of yoga sessions depending upon what type you’re interested most heavily into practicing; “Tao” if you would prefer more traditional poses combined creatively by skilled instructors focusing on restoring balance to the body through yoga practice, “Qigong” if you’re more interested in meditation combined with breathing exercises aimed at strengthening your internal energy flow for improved fitness and vitality while balancing our yin-yang energies too!

Don’t miss out on this amazing yoga retreat France destinations, book your spot today!



8 Days Yoga & Meditation, Mindfulness Hiking, Cooking class, and Personal Development, Côte D’Azur


Location: The FrogS’House, 35 Rue du Saumalier, Saint-Jeannet 06640, France

You’ll never want to return home after experiencing the sense of peace that only a remote French village can offer. Spend your next retreat with them at Saint-Jeannet, in an authentic experience away from modern distractions while still being close enough for day trips on foot or bike rides along picturesque coastlines! You will not only get a taste of what it’s really like living off-the-beaten-path but also learn some handy phrases too.

Schedule activities daily around mealtimes so you’re essentially living mindfully all week long—and chances are good there won’t be any electronics allowed either (so save those phone chargers). Think about this: when was the last time you really took a break from all your daily obligations and allowed yourself to relax, recharge and be grateful for the wonderful life we live in? This is not an opportunity to miss!



12 Day Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Beautiful Beaujolais, Saint-Just-d’Avray


Location: 2370 chemin de Longeval Domaine de Longeval 69870 Saint-Just-d’Avray France

Give yourself the gift of silence by learning how to still your mind and experience God’s eternal Now, revealing true essence through self-inquiry. Explore fundamental questions “Who am I?” or discover a deeper understanding about what life is all about with this beautiful spiritual heart in this yoga retreat France inspired from Eastern knowledge systems! You will have the opportunity to go beyond mental/emotional levels so you can explore truth at its source – transcending ego blockages while releasing stories attached to emotions that have been confused due to them being mixed together like oil & water (the intellect). So come prepared to explore the truth about yourself with a truly open mind!

This yoga retreat France is perfect for those who have been on the yoga and meditation path already as well as beginners – all you need now it’s your determination, discipline, willingness, and yearning desire from within which will be ignited once being surrounded by so much positivity.




We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about where to go for your next yoga retreat France destinations. If you’re looking at a destination outside of France, we have plenty more information on the best places to go for a yoga vacation abroad in our blog. Stay tuned!


Thank you for reading!


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