10 Great Yoga Mats For Kids : Reviews and Comparisons

Yoga mats for kids are a great way to introduce kids to yoga and help them learn the basics. These mats for kids come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to decide which one is best for your child. To make things easier we’ve compiled this list of 10 yoga mats for kids with reviews and comparisons, so you can find the perfect mat for your child’s needs!


Here Are The Top 10 Yoga Mats For Kids on Amazon :

Hello Fit - Kid's Short Yoga Mats - Available in Packs of 1, 2 or 4 Mats (60' x 24' x 1/8')(4mm) (Blue, 2-Pack)
Hello Fit - Kid's Short Yoga Mats - Available in Packs of 1, 2 or 4 Mats (60" x 24" x 1/8")(4mm) (Blue, 2-Pack)
DURABLE - Closed-cell construction keeps the mat dry. Easy to clean.
YogaDirect Fun Yoga Mat for Kids - Butterfly
YogaDirect Fun Yoga Mat for Kids - Butterfly
Completely Phthalate-free; Standard Size (1/4" Thickness); Measures 60 " x 24" x 1/4" - Perfect size for kids!
Yogi Junior Kids Yoga Mat - PVC Free - Double Layered TPE Foam (Kiwi Pals)
Yogi Junior Kids Yoga Mat - PVC Free - Double Layered TPE Foam (Kiwi Pals)
Perfectly sized for babies to big kids; 52"L x 24"W, Extra Thick 1/4 Inch.; TPE foam is lightweight and durable; Closed Cell technology
Alex Active Yoga Kids Activity Exercise Mat
Alex Active Yoga Kids Activity Exercise Mat
Strike a pose; 24 foam tiles featuring yoga poses that fit together like a puzzle; Create your own yoga obstacle Courses, or use as a mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat for Kids


You should purchase a fun mat for any kid or wannabe yogi in your life. There are eight different mats to select from, so you’ll be able to choose one that matches your child’s personality. The Yoga mat for kids is constructed of non-toxic PVC and has a somewhat sticky surface to prevent your child from slipping and sliding about when in the downward-facing dog posture. There’s even a downloadable kids’ yoga lesson included with this bundle. Children between the ages of 5 and 8 are recommended to use the mats.


Yoga Mat for Kids by Really Good Stuff


This Yoga mat for kids is suitable for children of all ages and is constructed of phthalate-free materials. On the front of the brilliant blue mat are 24 animal-inspired yoga positions, so your kids may learn how to master them without having to watch a yoga instruction video. Some of the stances featured on the mat are elephant, tree, warrior, and down dog. On rainy days or during terrible weather, this mat is ideal for keeping kids active.


Hello Fit – Short Yoga Mats for Kids


This non-slip mat was created to allow your children to easily hold their positions. For little hands, there is plenty of traction. You don’t have to be concerned about bugs or germs in this mat. This easy-to-clean mat has a closed-cell construction that prevents germs from seeping in. One mat, two mats, or a set of four mats can be ordered. They come in a dark blue or a vibrant green color.


Yoga Mat for Kids From YogaDirect


Your child’s senses will be piqued by these vivid, colorful yoga mats for youngsters. Unlike sharp edges, the mats feature rounded edges that help them stay level on the floor. The textured foam mat prevents your child from slipping and sliding about while performing postures.


Yoga Mat for Kids, Pink


This Yoga mat for kids is designed for children aged four to nine. This mat instructs your kid where to position their feet and hands on the mat using shapes and colors. It includes a free app as well as workouts tailored to your child’s needs. It makes yoga more fun for your child, so he or she will pay attention throughout practice.


Yogi Junior Yoga Mat for Kids


Yogi Junior combines the best of all worlds: pleasure, safety, and long-term sustainability. A gripping surface ensures support and comfort with this innovative double-layered design. Adult mats are commonly made of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer), which is more durable and environmentally friendly than other common materials.

TPE’s advantages are now available to youngsters. Ideal for Mommy-and-Me, studio courses, school activities, and relaxing at home with a favorite book or movie.

Playtime, sleeping, and outdoor activities are all possible with this blanket. Purchase one today to help your child’s yoga practice grow.


ABTECH Yoga Mat for Kids


For all Panda aficionados. This kid’s panda mat is suitable for children aged 3 to 12. It’s a safe surface for your small one to find movement or stillness because it’s thick, comfy, and sized for their little hands and feet.

We cherish your child’s well-being and only use harm-free items that have been lab-tested and created.

Great for energetic youngsters or those who need a little more motivation. Basic exercise, gymnastics, play, and meditation should all be taught.


Yoga Mat for Kids With 24 Illustrated Poses by Really Good Stuff 


Toddlers, children, and teenagers will love this low-impact workout gadget. This thick yoga mat with positions printed on it was designed just for kids and provides a great way for them to burn off excess energy, relax, and feel renewed.

This mat is carefully constructed out of soft, 5mm thick material meant to keep youngsters safe from rough floors and surfaces, which is just what a novice yogi needs. So your kids may concentrate on the enjoyment instead of the pain.

These yoga mats for kids, instructively depict 24 yoga positions and their names, encouraging pupils to exercise and de-stress.


Alex Active Yoga Children’s Activity Mat


With the nest Yoga mat for kids, you can help your kids discover their inner yogi. Alex Engaged yoga mat has an appealing pattern and color that will keep their thoughts active.

The mat is a fascinating notion. It allows children to have pleasure in putting the puzzle together. It also included images of animals and trees, which aided with the development of the child’s cognitive skills. This is also a wonderful offer if you’re looking for yoga presents for youngsters.


Yoga Mat for Kids by Bean Products


Use the child-size Yoga mat to let your kids have fun while reaping the benefits of yoga. Little yogis will love the colors and patterns of the mat. They get more enthusiastic about participating in exercise programs as a result of this. It’s also small enough to fit in a kid’s yoga backpack and take with them.


In response to a demand by parents, manufacturers have released yoga mats designed specifically for children. With our thorough research and attention to detail in mind as we compiled this list of ten best kids’ yoga mat brands on Amazon–we are confident that you will find one perfect match!

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FAQs – Yoga Mats For Kids 2022:

What Is The Size Of A Kids’ Yoga Mat?

As a result, a typical kid’s yoga mat is 60 inches in length and 18 to 24 inches in breadth.

Is A Yoga Mat Worth It?

A good yoga mat, on the other hand, is well worth the money. Athanassakis said, « Avoid the inexpensive mats. » « You may think you’re saving money at first, but you’ll rapidly wear it out, it’s terrible for the environment, and inexpensive mats are typically thin and fragile. » … « Those mats are incredibly long-lasting. »

Does 5 Below Sell Yoga Mats?

All of the greatest yoga mats, yoga and Pilates mats, workout mat packs, and pilates sets and kits are available at Five Below.

What Does Yoga Help In Kids?

Yoga and mindfulness have been proved to benefit school-aged children’s physical and mental health (ages 6 to 12). Yoga helps youngsters develop better balance, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity. Children can also benefit from yoga and mindfulness.

Can I Use A Yoga Mat For A Baby?

During belly time, a rolled-up yoga mat may be used to support babies under their tummies in quadruped or under their chests!

What Is The Minimum Age For Yoga?

When children begin to understand instructions, they can begin practicing Yoga. Children aged 4 and up should be able to follow the teacher’s directions. However, we must exercise caution in teaching some practices to children. Padmasana, for example.

Can A Three-Year-Old Do Yoga?

Yoga, without a doubt one of the finest indoor activities for developing kids, provides a slew of health and wellness advantages for young children. Yoga is an excellent way for infants to increase their flexibility and strength. It also helps children growing minds improve their coordination, bodily balance, and awareness.

Can Toddlers Do Yoga?

Yoga is being practiced by toddlers and newborns as early as six weeks old, according to studios. Yoga proponents claim that the lessons may help parents and babies bond while also encouraging motor skill development.

How Do I Introduce My Toddler To Yoga?

  • Maintain visibility for your work

My yoga mat was usually concealed in my bedroom, and the only time my kids possibly saw me doing yoga was in their nightmares. Exercising leadership is the most effective means of teaching our children. Don’t tell them what to do ; instead, show them. By simply bringing the mat and the entire yoga practice into the living room, I gave my kids the chance to join me whenever they wanted and were ready. If they desire, they can do yoga.

  • Provide room

Knowing that there is more room next to you is often welcome and pleasant. It’s a hushed greeting. If you want your child to join you in your yoga practice, make a separate spot for them adjacent to your mat. It will provide them with a chance to work with you. When you’re practicing Bridge Pose, they might just want to jump on top of your back or crawl beneath you, but after a time, they could appreciate the idea that you’ve created a particular place just for them.

  • It should be enjoyable

Yoga is enjoyable for infants and young children simply because they are enjoyable to be around. They have a unique view of the world. Do you recall the word « explorers of the world » ? Allow them to do anything they want after they’ve decided to join you. You may transform into massive trees, automobiles, incredible planes, flowers, and superheroes. You can transform into land animals or marine creatures swimming in the vastness of the ocean. It’s just a matter of time before you go for the stars. Then you may play yoga games, breathing games, makeup tales about yoga poses, and even conduct partner yoga together. Any action may be turned into a yoga stance, and it will be a great opportunity for them to come up with new names for the poses, which will help with their linguistic abilities. Allow them to teach you a new stance; you’ll be shocked at how inventive they are. Isn’t that energizing?

  • Encourage change

I enjoy letting kids discover their bodily awareness on their own at such a young age (I will offer posture adjustments to children over 8 years old). Toddlers and young children must be allowed to explore and develop bodily awareness without us serving as a regulator of their skills. Children should be able to explore and increase their physical boundaries, as well as learn what they can accomplish and what they want to practice. Let’s look at Tree Pose.

We’re all familiar with the conventional Vriksasana – Tree Pose – but allowing your child to demonstrate her rendition of Tree Pose may open up new possibilities for both of you. After all, nature has a wide variety of tree species. After that, your youngster will be extremely interested in seeing how your tree turns out, and the celebration will begin.

  • Encourage them to explore

Questioning is something that children like doing. Yoga may become a secure space for them to ask any questions that arise throughout their joint practice with you.

These questions may then be utilized to launch a whole new journey and discussion about life, breathing, and even how they see the world around them. Encourage them to talk about how yoga makes them feel, wherein their body they feel their breath when they perform a specific position or even start a gratitude practice with them by asking them to mention three things for which they are grateful or appreciative.

Enjoy the wonder of yoga with your child, and remember that there are no wrongs or correct answers. Start with the Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards by Ayala Homossany. Each card features a yoga stance, a unique artwork, and some well-designed questions, making it the ideal beginning place for you and your kid to embark on an adventure as intriguing and varied as their imagination.

What To Conclude?

Yoga has been a great way to keep kids calm and happy. It helps them focus on the present, which can be difficult when they’re constantly being pulled in so many different directions by screens or other things that will distract your child’s attention away from what you want him/her focusing upon at any given moment – like his homework!

The best yoga mats for kids provide stability and support, so they can easily do poses without falling. With these 10 great options to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect mat your child needs! I hope this list has been helpful in finding a new or replacement yoga mat for your little one because we all know how hard it is to teach our children about their health and wellness when they’re too young to understand what we say.

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