A Definitive Guide To Start Practicing Yoga For Beginners

How do you feel? Stressed? Tired? Overwhelmed with all the things you need to get done today, tomorrow, next week, or even tomorrow? What if I told you that there is something that can help alleviate your stress and make your whole day better. Practicing yoga will not only improve your health but will also bring back joy into your life. This blog post discusses how practicing yoga for beginners can be a great way to start living a happier lifestyle!

Yoga beginners will face many problems when they first start the practice. They might not know what poses are or how each one can help them reach their goals, whether that is physical or mental. But don’t worry we all passed this period, so you don’t need to be flexible, have a great body, or know how to do yoga poses perfectly in order to start reaping the benefits of this ancient practice. Just by following these simple tips and advice for yoga beginners, you will be well on your way! But just before starting do you think that yoga really worth it?

Is yoga really Worth?

Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. A practice that has been around for centuries, yoga is an ancient system of movement and meditation. By breathing techniques to the self as well mental wellness can be promoted in this comprehensive exercise routine. yoga has numerous benefits that can improve all areas of your life. yoga not only affects the body but also enhances brain function and positively influences moods, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. Yoga is much more than just physical exercises to keep fit, yoga involves connecting with ourselves in a way that leads to self-awareness. So yoga can be a great way to manage stress and anxiety, while at the same time keeping you relaxed. Yoga also helps with increased flexibility in your body which improves muscle strength as well as toning it up! It builds confidence by building self-esteem through different postures that make us feel strong on our own terms – not necessarily based on physical appearance or size but rather inside capabilities like power poses (Yamas). Simply, if we get into describing what yoga can bring to your life, we must stand here and talk about this until the end of this year.

So you might be thinking about what I know, yoga is a great way to start improving my life, but where do I sign up? where can I go and what should I do? are there any youtube channels that can help? if I’m just a beginner and I just want to learn the basics can I find some yoga series for me? Don’t worry, We are here only to help you and to let you know the small and the big thing’s that you should know to start practicing, and why not to move forward to advanced and very advanced levels in yoga. just keep reading and get what you are looking for!

What should a beginner of yoga learn first?

Sometimes you might find yourself occupied with work for many days, and taking even a day’s break might seem to you a waste of time. But you are in dire need of relaxing or re-energizing yourself to get going, so what do you do? One of the most effective ways to loosen up is yoga.

Yoga is a prevalent practice nowadays, but for beginners, it might seem very difficult. Thinking of the different poses and techniques might dishearten first-time yoga trainers, but knowing the benefits of regular yoga will surely boost you up to give it a try.

Yoga is a 5,000 years old discipline that does much more than just calm you down. These are exercises that also help in increasing body flexibility, clearing your mind, helping to strengthen your muscles, and even losing weight. Yoga is known to have more than 50 different benefits that focus altogether on your body, mind, and spirit, irrespective of age or gender.

Thinking about it might seem tiring to you, but only 20 minutes of yoga can help you experience the benefits of the practice. Here we will discuss some yoga tips for beginners. So let’s just get started.

Yoga tips for yoga beginners

1. Wear comfortable and stretchable clothing

You can wear anything while you do yoga as long as you are comfortable wearing it. Try choosing clothes that make you feel comfortable physically and emotionally. If you tend to sweat while you exercise, try choosing clothes that wick sweat away.

Yoga also involves a lot of movement – twisting, stretching, and moving, so your clothes should not make you uncomfortable or make you feel heavy. You will get a better idea of what to wear after a few days of yoga. Yoga exercises involve lots of stretching. Loose clothing makes you comfortable while you do yoga.

2. Drink loads of water

First-time yoga might be fatiguing for you, and that is why it is important to keep yourself hydrated before and after your yoga session, essentially if you sweat a lot. Drink a few cups of water an hour before your yoga session as it will give your body time to hydrate.

It will also help you avoid water breaks in mid-sessions, and you will easily perform each asana, or yoga pose, without the fear of injury. It is advisable to drink lots of water after yoga, as this will refresh the water loss from your body. This will also wash away the toxins that were released during the yoga session.

3. Try doing it barefoot

Follow this yoga tip if you wish to have better stability while performing balancing exercises. This will also strengthen and stretch the muscles of your feet and also help you to do all the asanas correctly as when your feet are in contact with the ground; they provide a strong foundation. But wearing socks is not against the rules of yoga. You can wear non-slip socks that have a firm grip and are flexible if your feet are injured.

4. Don’t expect to be perfect

Learning yoga is not easy, and you cannot expect yourself to be excellent at it on your first try. There will be many people around you who might seem to be doing way better than you, maybe because they have done yoga before and are experienced.

But there will also be people who are completely new to this skill just as you are. You need to understand that you are in a learning process, and this takes time. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive the desired results in the time you want. Results come slow, but it is worth it.

5. Don’t eat large meals before yoga

As is the case for other exercises, eating large meals before yoga might make you feel nauseous. You should try to eat a light meal some hours before you do yoga. You can eat simple carbs such as bananas or apples with peanut butter, and energizing snacks and foods that are easy to digest. Also, eat a full meal two to three hours before so that it has time to be digested. If you have a light meal, give it at least one and a half hours to be digested. Avoid foods that are spicy as they can upset your stomach and make you feel uncomfortable. Eat a healthy diet of carbs and proteins after your yoga session.

6. Do it less, but do it often

It does not matter if you cannot spend a lot of time in one go. Practicing yoga even for a couple of minutes will help you get relief from the stress and relax daily. A minimum of 15 minutes daily is more than enough to give you the desired benefits.

It will also help you increase endurance and skills, and also have many health benefits. These benefits only start to show if you are practicing yoga regularly, and this does not mean you need to have long yoga sessions daily.

7. Don’t push yourself

Contrary to western exercises that only focus on your body, yoga has different asanas that focus on your spirit and mind too. Therefore, while doing yoga, you need to be aware of your thoughts to calm down your mind. This would not be possible if your body is constantly nudging you because it is aching, and you try to push yourself for a longer time. Yoga is all about what you are comfortable with, and this is why there are many different types of yoga asanas.

8. Accept that everyone has different styles

One of the most important yoga tips is to try not to compare yourself to others. You are doing yoga because you love yourself, and you wish to keep yourself fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. During your yoga sessions, only try to focus on your body and do not get disheartened because you see others doing better. Everyone has different body structures and different levels of stability.

So as yoga beginners and before thinking to take yoga seriously, make sure that you use these tips and.

9. Release Expectations

The moment you begin to practice gratitude, you will feel expectations start to slip away.

So some expectations like “I should be able to touch my toes now…Why I can’t do it?”

“This movement is so easy and it looks really easy on Instagram – so why can I not do it? let’s do it now”

Try to focus on the core of what you’re doing, not everything else. Though it may seem like a great idea at first for someone just starting yoga physically or mentally as well! These are two very different things that need special attention in order to keep them both healthy and happy respectively.

Try focusing less so much outside your practice (ease-in) – this will make room for more important aspects such as spiritual growth within yourself when practicing regularly over time, but don’t forget those basics either: know how far each pose should be held from its nearest neighbor depending on your own body, and don’t push yourself so hard that you injure yourself in the process.

10. Understand the core of yoga

Yoga is about finding peace in the body and soul, through movement. It’s more than just flexible poses that can be done at any time – it’s breathing exercises for beginners or advanced students alike to help strengthen their bodies while meditation teaches us how relaxing one minute of rest really does go a long way! Yoga also offers other limbs like social justice charity work (the mala gives you donation points!), asana(physical postures) which will get your blood flowing…or pranayama where we learn to control our breath flow effectively so think deep cleansing breaths after taking off from an intense day out running errands instead of popping open that bottle of wine!

When first starting out, it’s important to understand the basics and slowly ease your way into a yoga routine. Take it slow and take care of your body, after all, you only have one!

11. Notice your Breathing

The most important thing to learn in yoga is awareness of breath. Whether you are taking a forceful exhale out of the mouth during Kundalini practice or filling your chest with fresh oxygen while relaxing on the mat, the connection between breathing and self-awareness will help beginners become more conscious practitioners.

So the breath is deeper than you think. If you can’t do yoga poses that are more complex, make an effort to notice your breathing and carefully guide it in the pose for effects just as strong or even greater than those achieved by being able to perform advanced contortions with this life-giving practice.

12. Get Comfortable in Stillness

We are always looking for ways to be more productive and less bored. But it’s important that we remember the basics of yoga in order not only to tap into our creativity but also heal ourselves from stress or anxiety attacks by focusing on present moments rather than constantly checking things off a mental “to-do” list (or scrolling through social media).

So, try to observe the urge rather than immediately give into it. And be still. Sit with yourself and breathe for a few minutes every day. Listen to the silence and allow your mind to wander (within reason – don’t let yourself get carried away). It’s okay not to have an answer to everything or to feel like you’re doing something wrong. The goal is simply to be in the moment and let go of stress or worries that distract you from the most important thing: yourself.

13. Learn Basic yoga poses

To start your yoga practice, you can try beginner poses. Don’t worry about trying to do more advanced moves or bend as far forward over yourself like someone next to you is doing – that’s not necessary at all! It might be best if first-time yogis just start with free videos on Youtube and in-class DVDs from local studios around town. However, there are thousands of different types of ways people get their groove on so find what works for YOU by exploring those options instead.

The most important thing when practicing yoga: don’t forget how much fun it should feel (and look) like! Don’t worry about looking silly in the early days, think of them as a learning experience instead where you get to know your body more and more each time!

So, what are you waiting for?! We know how busy life is so don’t let your dreams of “getting fit” slip away.

14. Find Beginner Classes

The best way to learn yoga postures safely and effectively is to learn from an experienced yoga instructor. So if you’re in a bind and don’t have access to an experienced yoga instructor, we recommend you a yoga burn program online. Because they are designed for beginners, they will take you through the basics of yoga and help you avoid any injuries. And remember! Even if you can’t practice yoga regularly, it’s never too late to give your body the benefits of this ancient wisdom.

Don’t worry! We all the time think about you every, from clicking here you will enjoy a discount that no one has access to.

So to let you know, the secret behind the success of this program is dynamic sequencing. With dynamic sequencing, yoga burn teaches you how to properly perform each yoga move and it gets tough day by day as your body starts adapting. The challenge increases every day and you keep adapting to that. It helps your body to shape better and have a perfect feminine body that looks great. You will not achieve your goals at the same pace as everyone does. This program follows a strategic progressive approach.

In this program, you will be provided with a series of videos. Each video is 45 minutes long and you will be guided with different yoga workouts with instructions to perform them. If you want to get the fastest results then it is recommended to have at least 3 45-minutes yoga classes every week. The most beautiful thing about this program is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. You will also get an option to watch and bonus video which is provided with the yoga burn program. The bonus video is focused on improving your emotional well-being and developing your self-confidence.

So what are you waiting for Sign up from, ? here and get the best discounts that you cannot get anywhere else!

To learn more about the yoga burn challenge you can click just here and you get what you are looking for.

Best 8 Youtube channels to start learning yoga for beginners

There’s nothing like a bit of yoga to feel totally zen after a long day of studying at uni – right?

So as we have mentioned and as we will continue to mention over and over again, Yoga is a super way to keep your body strong, flexible, and healthy. Not only that but it’s the best stress-buster out there!

And if you are new to Yoga or just want some inspiration for beginners’ yoga poses then look no further because we have put together our list of top Youtube channels with tutorials on how to do different types.

Really! ?, There are so many yoga YouTube channels available to kick-start your yoga journey, and guess what? They’re all free!

So without further ado, the best YouTube channels for yoga beginners are ready to give you a chill-inducing, beginner’s experience.


First, Who is Adriene? Where did it come from? And what is his story with Yoga?

Adriene Mishler is a yoga instructor and actress from Austin, Texas. She’s also the author of three books on meditation including “Yoga for Dummies” published in 2009 which was nominated as one of its best-selling titles by Amazon!–a true GENIUS when it comes to writing wellness content! So what does this mean for you? Well, if you want to get a taste of yoga from someone who knows what they are talking about – it’s time to sign up and subscribe!

Adriene offers free videos on the basics of yoga. But she also has paid video tutorials that can help yogis everywhere with poses such as “arm balances” and “camel backbends.”

So you can see that there is a lot to offer, but if money isn’t an issue then the paid videos are well worth it. And don’t worry! They have a free trial for seven days so you can decide from there. She also has podcasts on meditation with guided practices.

So if you are looking for a down-to-earth yoga instructor who has a wealth of experience, look no further than Adriene Mishler!

Check out her YouTube channel here.


Whether you’re looking for some 15-minute in-bed yoga to rewind, or some morning meditation and exercises that will help get your day off on the right foot–subscribe now!

Yoga By Candace’s YouTube channel is a perfect resource for those who are new to yoga, as she provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

She has created a series of videos that explore how yoga can be used as therapy. The first video in this series focuses on de-stressing and postural awareness, while other related ones cover digestion with help from breathing techniques for relaxation purposes – all through various poses done both at home or outdoors!

So, Candace is a studio owner, best-selling author, and full-time international yoga instructor who specializes in BOSU poses. It’s an easy-to-follow low impact version of the traditional form that allows you to incorporate balance into each exercise without any risks or injury! Her workout includes 15/18 minute sessions as well as 30 min routine which can be done at your student accommodation during downtime hours (or hotel rooms if traveling).

So if you are really looking for a down-to-earth yoga instructor who has a wealth of experience, look no further than Candace!

Check out her YouTube channel here!


The YouTube channel PsycheTruth has a wonderful variety of workouts to help beginners relax and de-stress. yoga for fitness, beginner’s yoga training or weight loss programs are just some examples they offer on their Youtube Channel!

There are so many different workout playlists, it’s enough to keep any exercise enthusiast entertained. Whether you want a quick 10-minute session or an hour-long weight loss routine with nutritional tips and calming exercises in between – they’ve got what you need!

So if you’re looking for yoga workouts and tips to help improve your health and wellness, then PsycheTruth Yoga is the right channel for you!

Check out her YouTube channel here!


When it comes to yoga, there are a lot of different videos for beginners and experts alike. Aham begins with detailed explanations that will make you want more! Her tutorials not only teach poses but also what each one means in relation to the Sanskrit word “asana”. With over 13 thousand subscribers on her channel – we’d definitely recommend checking out this amazing woman’s work if interested in getting into asanas (or just stays).

Check out her YouTube channel here!



Ever heard of Deepak Chopra? Well, Tara Stiles is actually his personal instructor! And she’s not just some random person – he even went to med school with her. Pretty cool, right?

Each playlist is tailored to suit the needs of a specific audience. For example, there are morning yoga and feel better workouts in addition to beginner-friendly classes on offer as well as ones that can be done at home or while traveling – perfect for those who don’t usually have time during their hectic day!

She’s the founder of Strala Yoga, known for its unpretentious but straightforward approach to yoga and meditation.

So, just one click and a little motivation away – you can enjoy a variety of free yoga classes to start your day with, whatever the time!

Check out her YouTube here.



You do not have to be an avid yogi or seasoned pro! Sean offers a fantastic 30-day beginner training program for those who may be apprehensive about starting yoga.

A variety of different 10-minute sequences are available to get the workouts done quickly. There is also personalized abdominal, arm, and shoulder training as well!

Don’t want to be stuck on YouTube? He also has a handy app that you can get seven days free of if you are interested in trying out his service.

So don’t be intimidated by the idea of yoga – Sean has got you covered!

Check out his YouTube channel here.



Yoga with Kassandra is the perfect way to start your day.

A youtube channel that has over 160 million views and 1,8M subscribers, Yoga With Kassandra provides an amazing experience of yoga by using immersive techniques so you feel like part of class while still being able to watch it from home or anywhere else!

She’s currently doing an evening yoga movement, with 15-minute bedtime stretches for 30 days – all free! She offers this as part of her new video series to help people who are busy during the day and looking for ways to relax.

She only has about five minutes before sleep but she still needs that deep relaxation so it helps if you do something light like moving your body or stretching out muscles before diving into those fluffy pillows at night time; especially if they’ve been sitting down through most hours of the day.

Check out Kassandra on her YouTube channel here!



YogiApproved has a great range of content, from yoga and fitness tips to diet advice. They give their viewers the latest information on health and wellness topics so you can stay in top form! So, Yoga lovers, get ready! YogiApproved is here to provide you with a wealth of content. From arm toning workouts and short but sweet yoga classes in the morning hours all the way down through recipes for healthy foods that will keep your body fueled throughout afternoon naps – they’ve got it covered on this channel. As well as providing us videos we can do at home or when traveling abroad; there are also experts interviews covering different topics including fitness tips & tricks (like how often should I workout?), nutrition advice (is dark chocolate good?) plus what glasses correct my nearsightedness? and so on.

So if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop when it comes to all things yoga, fitness, and wellness-related – YogiApproved is your go-to!

Just be sure to check out their website as well as their YouTube channel!

Check out YogiApproved Blog here.

Check out YogiApproved Youtube Channel here.

We hope you found our 8 best YouTube channels for yoga beginners useful. It’s important to take care of your mind as well! Yoga can be a wonderful tool in the fight against stress and anxiety, so give it a try today – we guarantee that once done with an exquisite stretch or two (or five), there will not only be relief but also a new understanding of how this practice benefits us on such levels mental health-wise.

And don’t forget to check out our other blog post for more tips on yoga!

Thank you for reading!

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