Will 20 Minutes of Yoga Help Lose Weight?

In the United States, obesity has more than doubled over the last thirty years. Obesity is a serious public health issue and can lead to serious medical conditions such as diabetes. One of the most popular methods for weight loss is through exercise, and one type of exercise that many people are doing lately is yoga. But does 20 minutes of yoga really help you lose weight? Let’s find out!


Yoga For Weight Loss:

yoga for weight loss can help you achieve a sense of calm which in turn helps your body release endorphins. Endorphins are natural chemicals that act as painkillers for people who suffer from chronic or acute pain; they also have an appetite-suppressing effect on people. Yoga allows you to be more mindful about what and how much you eat by slowing down your eating process so that it becomes easier for you to notice when hunger has been sated. This mindfulness will allow you to arrive at a healthy weight where all of these factors (mindfulness, stress relief, increased energy) work together symbiotically with one another!


Is 20 Minutes of Yoga a Day Enough to Lose Weight?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Yoga for weight loss can be one of the most powerful forms of exercise out there. People often think of yoga for weight loss as an exercise with no calorie burn, but the truth is that it can help you to lose weight because it burns calories. Yoga will not make up for a lack of regular physical activity and healthy eating habits in order to achieve long-term weight loss success, but if your goal is only short-term weight loss through better dieting behaviors (such as reducing portion sizes), then 20 minutes of yoga may have some benefits. It’s important to remember that even during light or gentle poses when heart rate isn’t typically high enough for caloric expenditure, there are still many other health benefits such as stress relief from focusing on breathing and movement awareness; improved flexibility which helps prevent injury; increased circulation which improves immunity; boost in mood, and release of tension in the muscles.

Yoga for weight loss can be a great addition to any exercise routine. The majority of yoga classes will last for approximately one hour, so to get a 20-minute workout you would need to do yoga on your own at home or find a shorter class in local gyms or studios. If you’re doing this type of exercise without guidance from an instructor it can be difficult to know how challenging each pose should be for yourself because there are many different kinds of poses with varying degrees of difficulty, which is why working out with a professional may have more benefits since they can help adjust individual poses as needed according to the person’s abilities. However, if not done properly by someone who knows what they’re doing, some exercises could actually cause injury instead!



There are many benefits to practicing yoga, and weight loss are one of them. Yoga can help you lose weight in a healthy manner by helping your body burn fat more efficiently and reducing stress hormones that might be hindering your metabolism. If you’ve been thinking about trying out hot vinyasa or some other type of class at the gym for a while but haven’t made it happen yet, today may just be the day to get started! We hope this blog post has given you enough information on how yoga can help with weight loss so that now all you will need to do is show up and practice when possible–we recommend every time after dinner if possible because it helps stimulate digestion (which means less bloating). I hope you have enjoyed reading about the research on yoga for weight loss. We want to thank you for checking out this blog post, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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