What are the main benefits of yoga during COVID?

Yoga is one of the most convenient exercises to do when it’s stressful for you to take out time for solid workouts. Yoga works wonders for you in all phases of life and provides physical, mental, or spiritual benefits. It has a lot of health benefits and also helps you to relax in as little as 20 minutes. You might know about the many benefits of yoga if you are a regular yogi (a yoga practitioner).

But if you are planning to start doing yoga and seeing the tough yoga poses disheartens you, then it’s time for you to know the numerous benefits of doing yoga. After you have made it through our list, you will surely wish to adopt yoga for life. So let’s get started with it.


  • Relieve from pain

What to do when you have recurring back or neck pain? There was a time when people relied heavily upon rest for chronic pain relief. But now people think that treatment is better. Power life yoga is an amazing therapy to get rid of every type of continuous pain.

Chronic pain is also known to create mental health problems such as anxiety and depression if not dealt with or looked at properly. Therefore, you should not ignore such pains. Modern sciences think it is better that while your injuries are developing and your muscles are healing, they should be in some motion. Hence, simple yoga asanas are considered to be miraculous for your body during your healing process.


  • Increases your intimate life

During yoga, you mostly use all of your muscles without even realizing it. Asanas that push you to support your body weight help you to strengthen the muscles which control urination and sphincter muscles. Doing yoga regularly makes you live in the moment.

This is also helpful during sexual intercourse, as you will be more focused on what is happening to each body part of yours. Researchers have proven that yogis enjoy a better sexual life as yoga increases stamina and sexual sensations. Power life yoga also improves blood circulation like all exercises do. Blood flows better in your genital areas, and this leads to better orgasms and satisfaction during sex.


  • Better State of Mind

To focus on yourself and properly do yoga, you need to have inner peace and let go of stressful thoughts. Doing yoga regularly increases your control over thoughts and increases brain activity. It also affects your brain in a way that produces positive thoughts and moods.

During yoga, your body releases different chemicals that are responsible for making you happy. These chemicals increase your self-confidence and reduce tension.  Breathing exercises, called pranayama, are about focusing and controlling your breath, and this increases awareness of yourself and your environment.

Yoga also makes you emotionally stable and makes you calmer. If you do it correctly, you will feel content after a yoga session.


  • Increases flexibility

If your body is not flexible enough, it does not mean yoga is not for you. Yoga will also increase your flexibility if you do each asana the right way and put in the effort to do it as closely as it is supposed to be done.

Flexibility is achieved by doing yoga regularly; it is not something you already need to have before you join a yoga class. The main purpose of yoga is to help you get stronger externally and internally and also to teach you to synchronize your breath with your body movements.

As you go as deep into a pose, you reach a point where you realize you can’t stretch anymore. You should not push yourself harder and rather do the pose according to your physical capability.


  • Weight reduction

Even though yoga is based mostly on improving mindfulness and helping you to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, it also includes asanas, which increase your strength and endurance levels. These exercises also help you burn calories, and therefore you lose weight.

Yoga will not help you to lose a lot of weight as they are slow exercises, but over a long period, it will help you burn some fat. This also depends majorly on what yoga type you choose. Yoga does not burn as fast as other aerobics or physical exercises do, but it will help you in your weight loss because of stronger muscles and stamina.


  • It makes you love yourself and others

One of yoga’s greatest strengths is that it will make your mind and spirit calmer, happier, and more beautiful. Yoga heals your inner as well as outer self so much that it can make you quit medicines. You would not need any more medicines for pain relief or sleep. Yoga creates feelings of love and compassion in you for yourself and others.

Even if you are inclined towards helping others, doing yoga regularly will make you healthier and happier. When you spend time on yourself, you start developing self-confidence and self-compassion. You will slowly realize putting more time into practicing yoga will earn you more benefits.

Therefore, you will be more active in looking after yourself, and then you will realize that determination can help bring a positive change. You will be more aware of what is right and wrong for you, and you will shun off destructive emotions.

You will find it much easier to give up bad habits, for example, smoking, and get into a better routine. You will realize you can do anything you want yourself to do without much effort.

There are still many other benefits of yoga. After reading this, you might be enthusiastic and excited to try this on your own.

You will surely receive positive results if you practice yoga correctly, but make sure to make it a routine as one day, yoga would not be effective. Probably the best part of yoga is that you don’t have to take out a lot of time.

Do it for less time but do it more often, for example, 20 to 30 minutes session 3 to 4 times a week. If you stay determined, the results will surely make you want to adopt yoga for life, and you will always stay encouraged.


Thank you for reading!


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