Discover These 6 Silent Yoga Retreats in Denmark 2022

A yoga retreat is a chance to reconnect with your inner voice, to accept and love your body and mind. The techniques and aspects of the yoga tradition can be combined to make this extraordinary adventure a pleasant and peaceful experience that takes you beyond the mind and body and into what is truly important.

There is delightful vegetarian/vegan cuisine, sauna by the sea, spa treatments, and time to immerse in your way at all yoga retreats in Denmark.

Every yoga lover is welcome to attend these yoga retreats in Denmark in 2022, which have an excellent combination of newcomers and trained and experienced yoga practitioners of all ages.

Welcome to these deep and pleasurable Weekend Retreats that include Yoga, Meditation, Mantra Singing, Sound Healing, and other efficient healing methods, detox, balance, and spirituality.

We collected this list of 6 yoga retreats in Denmark in 2022 to  Enjoy a relaxing yoga weekend in Denmark with those you care about. You will return to everyday life as a different person. Choose a silent yoga retreat that best suits you and get away from the stresses of everyday life.


7 days of yoga, meditation, and arts retreat on a small island by the sea in Sydals near Flensburg. 


According to Expert Tip, this silent yoga retreat is one of Denmark’s most popular yoga retreats. You will feel the serenity of the island both outside and inside, and you will get the chance, environment, and space to  Reconnect with your inner peace and imagination and make your dreams come true.

On weekdays, iris and manyana will provide you with two yoga sessions, one open studio class using art therapy methods, and shamanic fire, moon, and sweat lodge ceremonies on weekends. Multiple late-night services are available to help you end your day with mindful awareness, appreciation, and pleasure. Evening practices include meditation, chanting, mantra, vocal improvisation, dancing in nature, or a warm bath in the whirlpool under a starry sky.

You will stay in a beautifully designed farmhouse for six nights in front of the ocean! You will find the big and beautiful garden only a few meters away from the large and small seas on each side of the island.

The rooms are spacious and colorful, with views of the sea or the garden. It is possible to rent a single, double, or triple room.

You won’t have to worry about your healthy diet while staying at this silent yoga retreat in Denmark in 2022 because all of the products are fresh and gathered from the island’s permaculture garden or organic farm. There are also healthy and delicious smoothies with fresh vegetables and fruits.



8 Days Kitesurf and Yoga Camp at Ringkobing Fjord.


This fantastic yoga retreat in Denmark in 2022 is one of the most popular retreats there, hosted by Magicwaters, who planned something exceptional for your kitesurfing vacation! This silent yoga retreat in Denmark will provide you with the ideal training conditions whether you are a beginner or an advanced freestyler!

When the weather is not pleasant, there are other alternative locations, so spend your time.

Magicwaters has booked a big event house with enough space for shared activities inside and outside, including barbecues, luxurious late nights around the campfire, sunrise yoga, fantastic master classes, a jacuzzi, and a sauna. Don’t miss this significant change and book now!



4 days new moon retreat with shamanic sweat lodge, art therapy, and yoga in Sydals near Flensburg.


Enjoy the island’s secrecy in the fantastic scenery and within yourself. Reconnect with your imagination and make your dreams come true. Embrace your wildness and beauty by jumping into the ocean with Kegnae’s Garden!

The program is jam-packed with relaxing but entertaining activities. Enjoy Yoga and meditation in the morning. Nature experience and open studio/art treatment during the day. Stand-up paddling, kayaking, walking by the sea and exploring the island are all options.

There will also be various artistic activities such as painting, clay design, and wood sculpting. And if you want creative and art-therapeutic accompaniment, you can ask for it.

This yoga retreat in Denmark will provide you with deep evening meditation, a sauna and jacuzzi, and a trip to the cold sea that will leave you refreshed and comfortable. Mantra singing, dancing, and a campfire are also available and accessible! 

You will spend three nights at the stunning farmhouse near the coast! The large and beautifully decorated rooms with sea or garden views will make you feel more comfortable. You will have the option of booking a single, double, or three-bedroom suite. A private path to the sea is also included.

The chef will spoil you with healthy, delicious meals during your stay at this lovely yoga retreat in Denmark. During the day, cold and fresh beverages and smoothies are available. 



7 Day Summer Soul Yoga Retreat in Stevens.


Every year, a group of like-minded people and spiritual chasers come to this yoga retreat in Nederland for profound experiences and connections and to feel the great depths of their inner peace.

Welcome to one of the best yoga retreats in Nederland in 2022, organized by  Paradise Retreat Center. You will experience new connections, adventures, lessons, and practices there. 

Daily morning yoga sessions, Yang spiral meditation, ecstatic dance, romantic dinner party, cacao ceremony, and more will be practiced with professional and skilled yoga teachers.

This yoga retreat in Nederland will include a special lecture by the senior teacher and special guest, Advaitananda, and art shows and performances by local musicians.

You will have two options for lodging: either a dormitory or a tent with a shared bathroom. If you choose tent accommodation, you can bring your tent; the retreat can provide you with one.

However, if you prefer more privacy, you can rent a private room; this yoga retreat in Nederland’s staff can assist you in booking mid-to-high-end hostels and apartments in the surrounding area, all of which are within several minutes’ drive of Paradise Retreat Center.

The retreat chefs will pamper you with fresh, home-cooked meals with a love for the various vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets.



6 Days True Nordic Yoga Retreat with Alexander Technique in Samsø.


virkelig is going to present you with something different, this silent yoga retreat in Danmark for 2022 will provide you with a week to fully unplug from the outside world, recharge your batteries and relax.- Face your bodily truth with yoga and the Alexander method, release your emotions with silence, yoga, contact, and care work, enjoy delicious, nutritious food, and live new experiences with consistent focus.

Jeppe Christensen is a professional yoga and alexander technique teacher. You will practice together daily 2-hour yoga classes,  Meditation, and tranquility sessions. You will also learn the Alexander Technique (one-on-one session) and do contact work and short-term fasting if you want.

You will stay in this silent yoga retreat in Denmark for five nights, and the cooks will serve you delicious food prepared with the best ingredients. Delicious meals, healthy, vegetarian, organic, and delectable fare are available. Many particular food requirements can be available also. Just ask for it.



6 days Alexander Techniques and Yoga retreat in Samsø. 


This retreat is one of Denmark’s best silent yoga retreats, designed for people who want to explore the deeper transformative prospects of yoga and the Alexander Technique in a secure and empowering environment. It’s known as the ‘becoming what you are’ method, and it means working with ‘the four edges of evolution.’ Body, food, emotions, and thinking are the four edges. The Alexander Technique, which incorporates new experiences, is the thread that connects everything.

You will practice daily afternoon workshops, daily morning yoga sessions, daily evening mediation and contact work, and three individual Alexander technique lessons with Jeppe, Anne, and Sarah.

At this silent yoga retreat in Danmark in 2022, you will begin each day with a Sattva yoga class that will brighten you up and improve your natural body consciousness. You will delve even further into the internal experiences and contact work in the afternoon and evening workshops.

At this silent yoga retreat in Denmark, all meal options are organic, vegetarian, and delectable. You will also get the chance to try fasting for up to three days during your stay at this fantastic yoga retreat in Danmark. You can demand m any special dietary requirements that aren’t available. Just contact the team.



There are so many reasons that can convince you to plan a holiday to Denmark, maybe a tour of Hans Christian Andersen or the fantastic yoga retreats there. While practicing yoga in Denmark, you will encounter many exceptional activities and attractions. For one thing, you can try to find your direction out of Labryinthia, which is riddled with unexpected turns. You can also sail on a Viking ship and learn more about the old Viking legends.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your vacation. ❤❤ 

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