How did yoga change your life?

My life was going through an endless circle of difficulties when I discovered yoga to be my ally on a self-discovery journey. I was severely addicted to negative thinking patterns, always analyzing toxic relationships. Yoga changed my prospect for life; Yoga is life changing. I started looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now yoga is an integral part of my daily routine; I am a true believer in the power of yoga. I would love to share my journey of transformation to motivate million of beginners looking for some ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle. My story is based on two aspects of well-being: both are essential for a balanced and happy life.


How yoga changes your body?


Here to talk about the famous yoga poses that played an essential role in changing my body:

  • Savasana

When I started my yoga practice, I found it hard to do but felt its power too. With determination, I learned to overcome the hurdles of laziness and skepticism. Savasana brings new power through healing the body cells for better health conditions.

  • Headstand

It seems to be easy to practice, but not in reality. It takes hardcore effort to get experts at that, but it worth that. It took me around a week to learn this pose, overcoming mistakes to get it done correctly.

Here I realized that yoga is a complete lifestyle that promotes health and happiness should be for everyone. After a few weeks, I started feeling more energetic, and my increased focus helped me to perform better at my studies.

  • Tittibhasana

I always felt that I couldn’t learn this pose and was about to give up. My yoga teacher motivated me to learn with less core strength and more hip flexibility. I find it more comfortable after a few sessions with the support from my experienced teacher.

It developed my confidence in learning hard-seeming poses. The encouragement of my teacher trained me for molding my body towards flexibility. All this is vital to empower your brain by engaging it with the soul. This practice rejuvenates my dull skin to bring an inner glow to the surface.

  • Virabhadrasana

When I started practicing this pose, I got frustrated over it soon. My yoga teacher always bears me with a smile and asked me to practice in the right way. Warrior pose was seemed impossible for me when I thought of it as a basic standing pose, yet later I found it is more about alignment with the mind rather than just physical position.

An active mind can involve all of your senses in the healing process of your body. I started enjoying this pose as far as I felt changes in vitality and fresh energies blessed my body with higher energy levels.

As you get to know about how yoga changed my body, now go ahead with another aspect of this practice.


How yoga changed my life?


Yoga teaches me unusual traits to adopt a new behavioral approach. After sincere indulgence in meditation and yoga, I discover some significant personality aspects of myself. Here are my inspirational thoughts about this venture.

  • Manifestation

Savasana opens the gate of manifestation for me as I find access to my true inner self. Seated meditation helped me to connect with my soul deeply to a higher level of consciousness.

  • Pause

A friend of mine always commented to me to learn better communication skills. Yoga taught me the art of being still and pause rapid movements. Nothing can beat that dreamlike feeling of floating into the state of trance. I learned to shine into the bright light of natural momentum present all around us. Now I am fluent enough to feel the rhythm of my breathing, and my mind takes a rest when releasing this bondage.

Before this, I had impulsive behavior, and Now I am more calm and relaxed than at that time. There is a remarkable improvement in my quality of life due to better communication styles.

  • Releasing

When you tighten up, there is no way to move forward. It feels astounding for the human mind. This process inflicts your brain to get rid of unnecessary baggage.

By living in the past or worrying about the future, you wouldn’t be able to cherish the beauty of the present movement. I am now a master of releasing tensions during the single session of yoga, while in the past, I was in the habit of lingering pressures on my mind. Overthinking is strong enough to deter your mental health. I find inner peace by leaving behind the memories, and yoga empowers me to do it correctly.

  • Self-love

Yoga supported me in taking care of my self-esteem by getting out of negative relationship patterns. The confidence I felt was unshakable, and I looked at myself in a whole new way. I started feeling about my organs as team members, my glands, cells, and organs-all building a support system to enchant me. Now I can hear deeply what my body wants to say, and healing starts here.

To treat yourself well, you must have to practice self-love, small acts of self-care can boost your confidence to do something great.

  • Happiness

All of the agony and anguish we see today are due to the selfish attitudes of humans. Our self-centered attitudes stop us from looking at the situation from a different prospect.

The deep healing poses of yoga help to find inner peace, and it can release negative thoughts by purifying the body’s internal systems. It will give your body to get real strength by control negative impulses.

It leads to the path of real happiness.



My success story is inspirational for people looking around for new ways to achieve fitness. Many yoga poses worked out for me to bring lifestyle changes. This information can help you with planning your daily yoga schedules and practices.

Meditation and yoga practices are the best remedies to cure minor mental illnesses. To heal, feel, and pray, you need to find a balance between your daily activities and workout planning.


Thank you for reading!


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