What yoga pose should I do everyday? Daily Yoga Routine

We have all experienced the days when you walk into your home or workplace and instantly know that something might be off. Your body doesn’t work the way you wanted it to do. You are out of energy, less productive, and feel like you are out of control. I have experienced the same feelings, but how yoga changed my life is simply surprising to me.

Different people have different ways to deal with a bad day dilemma. Some would like to just sit on a porch with a cup of tea, some would take a glass of wine and watch a movie, and all of these activities are only to divert their attention from the bad experience they had earlier. But these all diversions can only last temporarily, as soon as you finish the activity, your mind takes you back to the negativity again.

I have been dealing with the same things in my life, as well. Some days just hold me down with all negative thoughts filling in my mind. In these situations, I was barely able to do any work, whether it is at the office or home. I usually feel tired and sometimes even depressed because of these bad days once in a while. Recently, I discovered something which turned my life around completely. Basically, I am going to tell you about how yoga changed my life.

Daily Yoga Routine: Save the Day with Yoga

Since I’ve made a daily yoga routine, I’ve seen a shift in my overall mood. Positive thinking is everything because you want to keep a good perspective on the things that occurred to and around you. Your mind is among the most valuable things, and having it in the right place can enable you to get through difficult curve balls that life can throw at us.

Practicing yoga at the end of the day is highly underrated in today’s world. If somebody would find out the benefits of it, they would never miss it. Merely 15 to 30 minutes of yoga can bring a massive change in your mind and body, which is enough to deal with the daily struggles.

Sadness and depression are silent killers, and often we ignore them by thinking that it is just a mood. Bad days fuel this condition and can make it even worse for people already suffering from stress or depression. Yoga at the end of the day helps to clear your mind and bring positive energy and thoughts, which is far better than any medicine out there.

Bottom line: Yoga will change your life in the same way how yoga changed my life. Remember, mental and physical strength go hand-in-hand, but mentally, you’ve got to be in a strong mind-frame to keep moving through these difficulties.


How Yoga Changed My Life?


5 Poses at the End of Day to Transform Your Life:

Here are 5 poses that I do at the end of my day, it has been a life-saving routine for me, and I am feeling much better since I have started following this routine. Give it a try to notice the change in your life.


1. Child’s Pose

daily yoga routine

This is one of the perfect poses to keep you happy. When you breathe deeply and melt on the floor in a child’s pose, you start taking care of yourself and allow your body to pay attention to your instinct.


2. Viparita Karani

daily yoga routine

This pose works as a restoration. You can try it with a bolster or a comforter. It helps a lot to relieve stress and overstimulation. This five minutes exercise is going to help you for a long day.


3. Downward Facing Dog Pose

daily yoga routine

Downward Facing Dog Pose is one of my favorites yoga daily routine poses, and I wouldn’t even think of going to a yoga class if this pose is not included in it. This pose helps a lot to achieve full relaxation when you feel stressed out. To do this easily, I put my head either over a bolster or over a duvet.


4. Shoulderstand

daily yoga routine

This one may be challenging for some of you, but only one minute of this pose will help to drive the negative thoughts out of your mind.


5. Savasana

daily yoga routine

This pose really is one of the best poses to give rest to a tired mind. It’s a pose wherein you purely rest, breathe and reap the benefits of your practicing yoga.


Final Words

If you are always working beyond your limits, you’ll be physically tired and depleted more frequently, even without knowing it. A small yoga session at the end of the day is a resource for restoring all systems in your body, boosting circulation and blood flow, and restoring stressed or tired muscles. It’s a way to eliminate the toxins that we encounter in our surroundings.

I am still amazed at how my daily yoga routine changed my life, and I hope after trying the poses mentioned above, you will see the difference for yourself as well.


Thank you for reading!


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