The 9 Best Yoga Youtube Channels To Follow in 2022

Yoga is an ancient Indian physical, mental, and spiritual practice. The training was passed down from teacher to student. Historically, this was a one-on-one transfer, but since the twentieth century, when yoga became very popular in the West, group lessons have become the common practice.

Yoga is derived from the word root yuj, which means “to yoke” or “to unite.” The training seeks to unite the body, mind, and spirit, as well as the quality of existing and universal awareness. This type of union has the effect of inactivating ego-driven feelings and actions, resulting in a sense of awakening.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, and while there have been many different versions and genres, most users find that the greatest goal of yoga is to achieve liberation from experiencing pain. Although each yoga academy or culture has its own focus and methods, the majority of them focus on bringing the body, mind, and breath together to adjust energy or change awareness.

Yoga is beneficial for both physical and mental health for people of different ages. But also, if you’re suffering from an ailment, recovering from surgery, or living with a chronic medical condition, yoga can become an important part of your therapy and possibly quicken your healing.

So before we get to discover with us the best yoga youtube channels for 2022, or Which is the best yoga for Beginners? let’s find out first the benefits of yoga on your mental and physical health.


What are the benefits of yoga?

  • Yoga improves strength and flexibility

yoga can help you improve your muscle strength by doing movements and poses like the tree pose

Try to balance on one foot while keeping the other foot at a correct angle to your calf or above the knee. Try to concentrate on one place in front of you for one minute while balancing.

This is the main reason why a lot of people begin yoga, and it is undeniably a significant benefit of practicing yoga. Yoga poses help to boost the strength and flexibility of the body. Yoga’s mindful approach to stretching aims to guarantee that it is done carefully, permitting the nervous system to release the muscles through delicate, efficient exercises. This lowers the risk of musculotendinous injury, which can happen with more forceful methods of learning flexibility. Releasing muscle tension can also help them relax, allowing your body to open up more.

Yoga is also a wonderful form of strengthening exercise. Yoga assists in the strengthening of the muscles that carry the body’s weight, resulting in properly functioning strength. It is also excellent for developing core strength. This enhances athletic performance and daily capabilities while keeping you injury-free.

  • Yoga decreases lower back pain

Yoga is just as effective as basic stretching for relieving pain and increasing movement in people suffering from lower back pain. Yoga is recommended as the first cure for chronic low back pain by the American College of Physicians.

  • Yoga is beneficial for heart health

practicing yoga regularly may help relieve stress and inflammation throughout the body, resulting in a healthy heart. Yoga can help with several heart problems, such as high blood pressure and being overweight.

  • Yoga is a highly effective mindfulness exercise

Yoga is about connecting the mind, body, and breath. That brings you into the present situation. Mindfulness has been shown to benefit a wide variety of health circumstances, and it is especially successful in promoting mental wellbeing. Specific mindfulness techniques have been shown to support the immune system, strengthen social relationships, and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. The benefits of higher mindful awareness through yoga extend far beyond the mat.

  • Provides better sleep and mood

A consistent bedtime yoga program, according to research, can help you get into the right mood and help your body fall asleep. A lot of people start practicing yoga to strengthen their flexibility, but they return because it makes them feel better. Yoga’s concentration, and respiration during the process all support decreasing stress and can be an excellent instant cure for a busy and stressful modern lifestyle. This is another great advantage of yoga’s mindful perspective. It is also due to the positive impact of higher activity and exercise, as well as the comfort and low level of physical tension that yoga provides. Yoga can make you feel physically, mentally, and energetically freshened up.

  • Become more energetic

after practicing yoga, you may experience greater mental and physical energy, improved focus and optimism, and a reduction in negative thoughts and emotions.

These are only six benefits, but there are still so many other yoga benefits that have positive effects on our physical and mental health. Plus, it changes our lifestyle and diet well if we practice it correctly and regularly.

Now after we understand the huge benefits of practicing yoga and how it positively affects our mind and body. It is time to ask questions like, Which yoga YouTube channel is best? Who is the best yoga instructor on YouTube? Who is the most popular yoga Youtuber? What is the most effective yoga video? We understand your curiosity and concern to choose the best and not waste your time searching for hundreds of results on the internet.

So let’s find out together the best yoga youtube channels for 2022, and the best yoga youtube instructors that people really love to follow. Of course either you are a beginner or you are familiar with the practice, we are going to present the best free yoga youtube channels in 2022 of all time.

The Best Free Yoga Youtube Channels in 2022:

Adriene Mishler is the most popular yoga instructor on YouTube, and her channel is one of the best yoga youtube channels in 2022, with 10 million subscribers to her Yoga with Adriene channel. She is a very nice person and so simple in her way of teaching all the aspects of yoga. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional practitioner, She uses simple and clear thumbnails so you can find the right video that you are looking for. Her yoga YouTube videos are very spontaneous and entertaining. If you are a newbie and looking for the basics of yoga and how to start, you can find a series that is just for yoga beginners. Moreover, there are playlists for yoga practices by length, especially for busy people, so you can choose whatever you like. For example, “under 10-minute yoga practices,” “10-20 minute yoga practices,” and 20–30 minute yoga practices If you are a consistent practitioner and more of a challenging person, you will find a 30-day challenge as well. Enjoy!

Tim Sensei is a yoga teacher with more than 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel, Yoga with Tim. His channel is definitely one of the best yoga youtube channels for 2022. You can find any type of yoga exercise for different levels. He has almost 400 videos on his channel. You can find beginner series, detox challenges, and body, mind, and spirit challenges. He uploads the yoga videos regularly, so his channel is ideal for yogis who want to work up a sweat on their mat. He also creates complete body workouts and a variety of shorter videos for people who want to move their muscles but are short on time.

He also discusses how yoga is important for improving one’s self-image and changing one’s lifestyle for the better.

There are a variety of yoga challenges available to help you increase your body strength, burn calories, and get rid of soreness. Make sure you do it regularly so you can feel the benefits.

Francine Cipollone is a certified yoga online YouTube teacher and is also known for having one of the best yoga YouTube channels for 2022. In Yoga with Bird, you’ll find stress-relieving practices that will put you at ease. Francine Cipollone is well-liked in the internet community for her soft and approachable teaching style. Her soothing voice and clear gestures make her videos perfect for anyone concerned about not recognizing the body positions. Her channel is primarily for beginners and concentrates on morning yoga, reparative yoga, and other forms of yoga. Bird delivers new content every day, sometimes twice a day.

Kassandra Reinhardt’s youtube channel is one of the most creative, diverse, and best yoga youtube channels for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. She has over 1.9 million subscribers on her channel, and she is a professionally qualified yoga teacher. You can find different organized playlists with over 400 videos. For example, sections of yoga by length, focus, and level. This means you have plenty of all kinds of yoga exercises that can keep you busy for quite a while.

Arianna Elizabeth owns one of the best yoga youtube channels in 2022, called “bright and salted yoga.” She uploads new yoga videos every Monday and Wednesday, so this is the right channel for you if you are looking for new relaxing yoga content every week. She has over 300 videos on her channel. She focuses on making content that is relatable to BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) students and also provides weekly

Use mindfulness meditation to help relieve stress. She also has sessions without music for those who prefer to listen without turning up the volume.

Candace Cabrera is an international yoga instructor with over 300,000 followers on her channel. She is one of the greatest and best yoga youtube channels in 2022, with her creative and calming yoga videos. Candace provides technical instructions with such clarity that anyone can understand them while keeping body strength and flexibility. In her channel playlists, she has organized sections so the navigator can navigate easily to find that particular yoga practice they are looking for. Aside from regular yoga videos, you can also watch breathing and meditation videos to relax your mental and emotional health. The section titled “Yoga as Therapy” provides an opportunity for mind and body rehabilitation.

Bre and Flo are a beautiful couple that shares their daily life on their YouTube channel with more than 400k subscribers. They are two yoga experts and teachers that teach on their channel meditation techniques, movement exercises, and personal vlogs. People love their content and consider them as one of the best yoga youtube channels in 2022. they specialize in power vinyasa and strength training, but their amazing choice of yin courses makes them a must-see for any trainee in need of additional stress relief in their life. Their relaxed and adoring behaviors shine through in every video, and they frequently integrate impressive anatomy and basic movement training.

faith hunter is one of the best international yoga YouTube channels in 2022 that helps in promoting mental peace while providing a solid basis for overall wellbeing. The main focus is primarily on spiritual practices, with yoga serving as a lead exercise. As a yoga practitioner, you should understand the significance of meditation and spiritual practice. And Faith Hunter’s mindfulness meditation instructional videos can help you with all of that.

Sarah Beth’s yoga channel is well-known for her yoga stretching videos, which are excellent for improving flexibility and relieving tension in the muscles. If you’re a yoga newbie or searching for more strength training practices, this channel is a great place to start. Just subscribe to her one of the best yoga youtube channels in 2022 with 1.5 million subscribers and join her team. You can go directly to her channel playlist, where you can find any kind of yoga practice that you would like to start with. You’ll find a different practice for every day of the week, with lots of videos to choose from.

Whatever style of yoga you prefer to practice, the main factor to consider is whether your body, mind, and heart feel happy and comfortable while training. We would be glad if this list of the best yoga YouTube channels helped you in your quest for a healthy, balanced, and better lifestyle.

If you want our advice, we recommend sticking to one channel rather than switching between all of them. Take a look at all the channels above and decide which one will be with you during the journey. 


Many of us are looking to learn more about yoga and incorporate this powerful practice into our life for better health, increased energy, improved moods, and even greater mindfulness. If you are one of these people we encourage you to get started right away!

For over 10 years, yogi’s have been sharing their knowledge on how to improve physical and mental health. The list above is some of the best yoga youtube channels in 2022 for beginners.

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