5 Best Yoga Towels on Amazon 2022

If you are looking for the best yoga towels on amazon, then you have come to the right place! Many people do not realize how important it is to invest in a good quality towel when practicing yoga. If your mat is slipping around or your hands and feet are dry, it can be challenging to concentrate on your practice. A good towel will absorb sweat and provide traction so that this won’t happen. So let’s get to it! We will review some of the top-rated products and tell you what they offer.

Let’s jump right now into the best yoga towels on amazon!

The 5 Best Yoga Towels on Amazon

Yoga Design Lab The Hot Yoga Towel


From 88$ – This fantastic Yoga towel not only keeps Bikram practitioners from slippy situations but dries in minutes, making it one of the best yoga towels. It comes with different designs for both out there and pared-back styles depending on how much you want to stand apart during class; using eco-friendly ink ensures that you can safely wash these towels after every session without worrying about ruining either design or polluting waterways.

This top pick is extra-large: 183 cm x 61 cm, large enough to cover any size mat, and absorbent sufficient that it won’t feel wet or heavy while you’re using it. The Yoga Design Lab Towel also comes with a strap for easy transport, so you can take your practice wherever you go without having to worry about bringing along an extra towel!


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Cotton Yoga Rug 3-in-1


From 56.10$ – Yoga towels are great for yoga practice, but some people may not like the feel of microfiber. So if you’re Ashtanga or even Vinyasa Yoga practitioner and you’re looking for a yoga towel for your needs, Maybe this one is the best Yoga towel you can find on Amazon! A cotton rug is an excellent alternative, and it can maintain grip in wet conditions as well! The brand Bliss Peak recommends this handcrafted product to help stave off sweat during Ashtanga sessions–many reviewers use them with Vinyasa too because they’re so comfortable on their skin (especially after doing downward dogs).


Non-Slip Extra Thick Hot Yoga Towel + Hand Towel Set


From 21.95$ – This super-absorbent Yoga towel set from IUGA is ideal for extra sweaty yogis. Reviewers rave about this high-quality microfiber material which prevents moisture from getting absorbed by sticking to skin or clothing; instead, it soaks up excess sweat like a charm! So if you’re looking for a Hot Yoga towel that won’t move an inch, this is your target yoga towel! The corners have small pockets that hook onto your mat, keeping it in place during practice and preventing the bunching of the fabric.


Alfamo Cooling Towel, The Best One For Travel


From 6.29$ – Staying fit on vacation just got easier with the Alfamo Cooling Towel. The multisports towel comes packaged in a small waterproof plastic case, making it easy to toss into your suitcase or weekend bag – and not only can you use it for yoga! Wet this handy item, then snap it before strapping it onto skin; it will reduce body temperature up to 30 degrees according to its claims (to help prevent heatstroke).

The Yoga towel is perfect for hot yoga classes, and people can’t stop raving about how well it helps them keep cool when exercising on warm, humid days. So, according to user Reviews, this Amazing Yoga towel is one of the best yoga towels that you can buy on Amazon not only this year but for years to come.


AmazonBasics Yoga Exercise Mat Towel


From 13.50$ The Amazon Basics Yoga Towel is the perfect answer to your needs, and it’s your target Yoga towel if you want an absorbent, affordable towel that won’t break or wear out quickly. Made with polyester and nylon blend fabric in a large size (72″ x 24″), this product measures up against most mats on the market! It comes backed by a one-year limited warranty from amazon basics, so there are no worries about durability when buying one today.

Buyers are satisfied with the AmazonBasics Yoga Towel, a soft and firm towel that is great for practicing Yoga moves, that’s why it is one of the best Yoga towels, and maybe it’s your target yoga towel for the next time.


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Buying Guide To Find Your Target Yoga Towel

What to Look for in a Yoga Towel?


Yoga towels are most often used for hot yoga or classes that require more sweat and moisture. Effort can lead to slipping, so a towel is an essential tool for mopping it up before you fall down the stairs (or off your mat).

When buying a towel, be sure to find a quick-drying and absorbent one. Look for fabrics like polyester or nylon in this case!

Non-Slip Surface

Yoga towels are excellent for practicing yoga, but they can be dangerous if not used on a mat with a grip. A non-slip surface is essential and should extend up from both the top of your towel and its bottom to prevent slips when you’re in poses like Hero’s Pose or Plank! So be sure to buy a towel with a non-slip grip on the bottom as well.


The size of your yoga towel depends on the type and amount of space you have available. A larger, more expensive cloth can be helpful for classes that take up lots or flooring with movements. In contrast, compact ones may prove necessary if there’s not much room left over after everyone else finishes their session!

So size is a critical consideration for your target yoga towel.

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FAQs – Yoga Towels:

Why trust YogaHelpedMe?

YogaHelpedMe is dedicated to providing you with the best products for your needs. All of our opinions are 100% honest, and we only make money if you buy something through one of our affiliate links!

How Do You Wash A Yoga Towel?

Yoga mat towels are easy to clean because you can wash them by hand and not have any problems with shrinking. Use a mild detergent, don’t bleach or use fabric conditioner on your yoga mats; only use cold water when washing if desired (keep your best yoga mat fluffy).

How Often Should You Wash Your Yoga Towel?

Washing a yoga towel is essential to keep it clean and fresh. You should wash your towel every time you use the mat or when its appearance fades for both of these items to last as long as possible!

How Do You Use A Yoga Towel?

Using the yoga towel is easy! Place it over your mat and make sure that only one side of this thin cloth covers each area. You can try using beach towels or bathrobes as substitutes. Still, they’re not designed for working out, so you may find yourself getting sweaty more quickly than normal with these types in use instead because there’s no material preventing perspiration from soaking into the fabric while exercising – which would lead to STIs happening faster too due t0 their proximity near the skin (and increased risk during intimacy).

What Is The Difference Between A Yoga Mat And A Yoga Towel?

Yoga towels are generally smaller than mat-sized versions and have less cushioning, but they’re perfect for travelers with limited space. Your yoga towel will stay fresh even when rolled up because it’s drier than a traditional mat; remember to store them in an airtight container or bag after every use!

Why Do I Need A Yoga Towel?

Yoga towels are the best way to stay clean and maintain a grip on your mat. They absorb sweat, which prevents slipping during practice sessions because it keeps you from getting slick with work! Yoga towels also help keep dirt off dirty surfaces like carpeting at yoga studios where more than one person may share mats. Each time they come back into class, everyone has a cleaner workout space after changing out their towel rolls (or using them).

Can’t I Use A Regular Towel?

Nope. A regular towel will not increase grip with sweat as a yoga towel does. If you don’t want to commit to the cost of owning multiple towels, try getting one just for your hands!

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