8 Best Yoga Retreats in Nederland 2022

A yoga vacation gives your body and minds the interest and relaxation required. Give some time for yourself to unplug from the outside world deeply. You go to yoga sessions and unwind any way you want. You can just relax and enjoy reading a book, walking, or swimming.

A gateway of healthy and delicious food, friendly and energetic yoga instructors and supervisors, and a healthy lifestyle. Plus a variety of incredible activities like Ayurveda, massage, meditation, and, on occasion, unforgettable adventures. On these yoga retreats in Nederland, you will meet people who want to learn more about yoga, beginner yoga students, people who want to get back into balance with yoga, and people who just want to have a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Breathing exercises and meditation are always part of a yoga retreat in Nederland.

Pamper yourself by practicing yoga in the beautiful nature of Nederland. You will leave these yoga retreats fully charged and refreshed. Go on nature walks or enjoy the services of the treatment center during your trip. Get a massage or soak in a Turkish bath between yoga classes for overall relaxation. A yoga retreat in Nederland is the perfect self-care gift.

These 8 yoga retreats in Nederland will provide you with unique ideas, clean energy, and a marvelously comfortable feeling. Yoga is often combined with mindfulness and mindset training. You return to yourself entirely, with fresh insights. It is the pinnacle of mindful awareness.


3 Days Yoga, Meditation, and Psilocybin Experience in Amsterdam.


Ilma Yoga House, located in Gaasperplas, offers a calm and serene environment for diving deep into consciousness, increasing overall states of awareness, and getting spiritual perspectives.

The yoga retreat program in Nederland is full of exciting activities and practices. You will do some yoga and meditation together on the first day to know the location and learn more about your wants and requirements for this journey.

If the weather is nice, you will go on a walk to the lake on the second day, and on the third day, you will do more yoga and meditation and deepen your experience.

You will spend two nights in private accommodation at The Yoga House, which has a cozy environment and comfortable rooms to ensure a memorable stay. The cook of this retreat will prepare delicious vegetarian food for you during your stay at this yoga retreat in Nederland.



3 Days Luxurious Private Yoga Wellness and Hiking Retreat at the Most Beautiful Place in The Netherlands.


Enjoy this three-day weekend of yoga, meditation, and hiking, but most importantly, self-love. Judith de Jong is a yoga instructor (Hatha, power, and flow) with eleven years of professional experience.

This yoga retreat in Nederland highlights includes two nights in a beautiful luxury room with a private bathroom, two big, deluxe buffet-style breakfasts, and one delicious dinner.

During your stay, you will practice Three yoga sessions with deep relaxation and meditation in the beautiful Arboretum, next to the guesthouse, and walks in the woods in and around the Botanic gardens.

This retreat is one of the best yoga retreats in Nederland in 2022. You will have the opportunity to come back home motivated and with fresh ideas. And also more powerful and smoother!



7 days kitesurfing and yoga holiday with SUP unit in Oostvoorne, Zuid-Holland.


The camp is in the Ketjil campground, amid the Voorne dunes, between the villages of Oostvoorne and Rockanje. You will forget about the hectic daily life when surrounded by beautiful nature. After hours of learning and training kite surfing, you will do two yoga classes per day. Yoga allows us to relax and calm after kiting fully.

Enjoy the accommodation and serenity, or try one of the several recreational activities available apart from kitesurfing, such as SUP, bike riding, trekking, cycling, or catamaran sailing.

This yoga retreat in Nederland in 2022 will provide you with comfortable lodging. You will sleep in standing-height two-person tents with absolute beds at the camp. There is also a power outlet for charging your smartphone and a reading lamp.

For food, In the morning, the cooks of this yoga retreat in Nederland will serve you a healthy breakfast buffet with lovely hot tea and coffee in the warm and comfortable sitting room. You make your packed lunch from the buffet.

In the evening, they will serve you the wood-fired pizza. And you will be done with delectable vegan food options in addition to meat.



3 days Iyengar weekend yoga retreat in Veluwe.


Welcome to Oostraven and participate with Iyengar Yoga Holidays for a complete and exciting yoga program, tasty meals, and free time to relax or discover the spectacular scenery. In the gorgeous Veluwe, you will spend a relaxing yoga weekend full of meditation and relaxation classes to leave this yoga retreat in Nederland healthier and happier.

With Daniela and Sarah, you will practice Daily yoga Nidra classes, two meditation practices, and a Daily pranayama session.

Iyengar Yoga Holidays has booked the main building this time so that they can receive more guests than in previous retreats. Two people share the charming bedrooms. Single rooms are available for an additional fee.  The shower and toilet amenities are shared. Oostraven has a lovely garden with beautiful scenery, a lake, and a warm, accessible pool area.

This retreat’s cooks will prepare tasty and healthy organic food for you every day. Enjoy your stay at one of the best yoga retreats in Nederland in 2022.



2 Days Luxury Yoga Wellness and Hiking Retreat, Love Yourself in the Most Beautiful Place in Holland.


Based on expert tips, this retreat is one of the most yoga retreats in Nederland in 2022; it will offer you a quick weekend to unplug, recharge, and reconnect with your true self. Join this lovely group and practice yoga in Wageningen’s beautiful surroundings.

At this retreat, all levels of practitioners are welcome, and you will practice Hatha, power, and many other yoga styles with professional and qualified teachers.

Two yoga sessions in the gorgeous Arboretum (Hortus botanicus), one wellness afternoon with massages, a jacuzzi, Turkish hammam, and more accommodation facilities, and one 90-minute nature experience walk-in or around the Arboretum are the highlights of this yoga retreat in Nederland.

You will stay in a fancy hotel in a single or double room with a private bathroom and complimentary delicious breakfast and dinner for an unforgettable food experience during the retreat.



3 Days Magical Yoga Weekend Retreat in Cadzand.


Saja Yoga Vacations in Cadzand are a fantastic way to charge up your batteries while also enjoying the wholesome sea breeze of Cadzand! They have organized these wonderful energy recovery yoga days two times a year for over five years.

At this yoga retreat in Nederland, you will practice with Sarah DailyPranayama, orning meditation and Hatha, and evening Yin Yoga. Sarah has many years of work experience instructing yoga and training people to live a more healthy and conscious life.

During this quick but relaxing weekend, you will learn about the relationship between body, mind, and emotion through various yoga styles. You can enjoy the sea breeze, go for a nice walk, or discover the nature of ‘Het Zwin’s’ dunes in your free time.

The cooks at this retreat will prepare a healthy and vegetarian breakfast, dinner, and lunch for you. Spend three relaxing days at one of the best and most fantastic yoga retreats in Nederland in 2022.



3 Days Yin and Yang Yoga Retreat with Thirza van de Hoef in Zeeland.


Spend three relaxing days at Thirza van de Hoef’s retreat and wellness center in Zeeland’s yoga retreat in Nederland. Whether a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will practice yin and yang yoga daily with the most skilled teachers.

This weekend allows you to connect more with your true self and hear your inner voice. The components for this Yin & Yang holiday are relaxation, satisfaction, and fun. This trip is an excellent gift for yourself.

The cost of this yoga retreat in Nederland includes seven encouraging classes, daily yoga classes, relaxation, and recovery time. Sauna, hot tub, cold water bath, massage chair, outdoor pool, and other services will also be available.

This center, where you will spend two nights, is situated on a vast protected property. The lovely and comfortable building is beautifully designed and luxurious. This facility has an attractive living/dining room, a private room, and three studio rooms. You can go for a walk in the neighborhood, on the sandy beaches, or in the woods.

All the delicious and healthy meals are prepared by one of the chefs with passion and love for you to taste and enjoy the Peru cuisine.



3 Day Private Retreat with Yoga and Meditation in the Veluwe.


This Nature Friends House de Bosbeek retreat invites you to spend a memorable weekend surrounded by nature. Especially for those who want to reconnect with their resilient and soft power, spend time in nature to charge up, and enjoy a few weekends of meditation, yoga, and evolution to rediscover themselves.

With Laura and Bart, you will do compassion coaching, outdoor yoga and meditation, and a personal program for your unique requirements.

You will stay in a room with a shared bathroom, which is beautifully furnished and has a beautiful view of the surrounding woods. The place is peaceful and happy.

There are reading places and relaxation spots that you will share with other guests, and y You can cook your breakfast and make yourself some tea or coffee in the fully-equipped kitchen.



A yoga retreat in Nederland is the perfect destination to enjoy a beautiful experience with your partner, friend, or family because all attractions are pretty close!. The good thing is that you can always explore a part of the Netherlands that you were unaware of! 

Enjoy this list of the best yoga retreats in Nederland in 2022, and we hope you can choose your next yoga trip from these options.


Thank you for reading, and enjoy your vacation. ❤❤ 

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