The 5 Best Yoga Retreats in Allgäu in 2022

We selected these 5 yoga retreats in Allgäu for you if you want to deepen your yoga practice in a beautiful European country and  Spend a calming yoga vacation in the Allgäu region of southern Germany. The area stretches from the Alps’ hills to the Alps and provides spectacular views from every yoga studio.

You will meet at these yoga retreats in Allgäu with professional and qualified yoga teachers that will instruct you during your refreshing break to rediscover yourself and awaken your energies.

Read on to learn about these 5 yoga retreats in Allgäu in 2022, where you will find inner peace through meditation and relaxation and Get away from the pressures of everyday life.


3 days meditative dance, meditation, and yoga retreat weekend for women in the Allgäu.


Based on the expert tips, this is one of the most popular yoga retreats in Allgäu, Germany. Book this yoga retreat in Allgäu for a weekend of relaxation, delicate yoga, meditation exercises, time for group conversations, and time to focus on yourself and your goals.

You will stay in the colorful and welcoming single, double, and family rooms with hot water and a bathtub. Most rooms have a patio with a beautiful view of the Allgäu rural areas.

Relax and enjoy the beautiful fresh air, the calmness, and the view of the hills. The family house is situated on a hill overlooking grasslands and woods, away from traffic and city life.



4 days Jivamukti Yoga Retreat in Allgäu.


You will spend an unforgettable trip at this beautifully designed course and holiday resort, nestled in Allgäu’s natural beauty.

A 600-year-old former mill that has been classily redecorated and fully equipped to feel special. This yoga retreat in Allgau will offer  Jivamukti and Yin Yoga, Pranayama, and meditation during your stay.

You will experience a delectable food journey. This yoga retreat in Allgau will serve organic and vegetarian meals. There is dessert, a fruit basket, and so many different fresh, relaxing drinks are available.



4 days Jivamukti Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Allgäu.


Enjoy your time at this long weekend of energetic Jivamukti and rejuvenating Yin Yoga, relaxation, deep breathing exercises, delectable vegetarian food, and a welcoming and friendly community in the heart of the Allgäu’s fantastic scenery. No prior Jivamukti Yoga experience is required, but you should have previous yoga experience.

All levels are welcome at this yoga retreat in Allgäu. Still, you should have previous experience in yoga ( just a few yoga classes).

You will be a guest at the Ayurvedahof Engel in Niedersonthofen, Allgäu. It has seven rooms that can be booked as single, double, or triple rooms. You can also relax and practice yoga in the big yoga room or the open-air space.

This yoga retreat in allgau’s team will serve you daily vegan and Ayurvedic “Tridosha delicacies” prepared with love by local, organic, and seasonal foods and a tasty cake in the afternoon.



8 days health vacation with alkaline fasting according to Wacker and yoga in the beautiful Allgäu.


Combine your vacation with delicious food, a healthy lifestyle, stunning views, and fun activities. This yoga retreat in Allgäu will provide you with the experience of Alkaline fasting and yoga to reconnect you with your inner peace. It can pave the way toward a more self-determined life.

You will practice daily yoga and three alkaline foot baths for detoxification. And you will get daily liver packs to rest in the room and the Wacker method alkaline fasting catering.

The luxurious hotel you will stay in provides plenty of room to relax and feel comfortable. Electro smog-free rooms and mattresses rated ‘good’ by Stiftung Warentest guarantee a restful night of sleep and high-end furniture to make you feel at home. Enjoy the happiness of the country life amid community activities.

When you do alkaline fasting, this yoga retreat in Allgäu will offer you three alkaline meals a day made from fresh and organic fruits and vegetables produced by local farms. Enjoy Purification and deacidification for full-body enjoyment. Restock your vitamin and mineral reserves, lose weight, and experience renewed energy!



6 days health holiday based on fasting and yoga in the beautiful Allgäu.


This yoga retreat in allgau will allow you to experience Alkaline fasting and relaxing yoga. Both will help you to reconnect with your inner voice and can pave the way to a more positive life. Enjoy this yoga trip with 100% healthy food, 100% spectacular natural views, and 100% exciting activities.

The highlights of this yoga retreat in Allgau are daily yoga sessions, two alkaline foot baths for detoxification, daily liver packs to rest in the room, and alkaline fasting catering according to the Wacker method.

You will feel relaxed with one stone massage and one back massage while drinking herbal tea, spring water, and ginger water all day.

You will spend five nights in comfortable alpine-style rooms with a lot of space to unwind and nap. This fantastic yoga retreat in allgau will provide  Electrosmog-free areas and mattresses classed ‘good’ by Stiftung Warentest to provide a restful night of sleep. They decorated the rooms with deluxe pieces of furniture with care and attention to make you feel at home and relaxed.



Yoga in its most basic form. Yoga can help you reconnect with yourself by clearing your mind and strengthening your body. 

Yoga vacation in these beautiful and luxurious yoga retreats in Allgäu in 2022 is the best journey you can experience. Surrounded by a unique, natural environment.

You will be surrounded by an exceptional, healthy, and beautiful environment. The delectable food and the friendly and welcoming community are a haven of peace and meditation, unlimited afternoon adventures, pools, spa treatments, and luxurious activities. 

Be ready to pack your bags and head to your next yoga trip. 


Thank you for reading, and enjoy your vacation. ❤❤ 

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