9 Of The Best Yoga Retreat in Greece in 2022

When you think of a yoga retreat, the first destination that might come to your mind is Greece. This picturesque touristic destination is home to plenty of yoga retreats where you can spend a relaxing week or just a weekend.  Yoga in Greece is more popular than you might think; one of Europe’s famous places for yoga retreats.

Greece, also known as Hellas, is regarded as the crib of Western culture. It’s a fascinating country with old culture and traditions, breathtaking historic places, and beautiful beaches, and it’s one of the best places in Europe to go on a yoga retreat.

Whether you want some sun, nice weather, or time to concentrate on yourself intensely, these yoga retreats in Greece are the best options for all levels of yogis looking for a yoga getaway in Greece. With the beautiful islands,  crystal clear waters, tropical beaches, mountains, and scenic views, you’ll be pampered with options for the best yoga retreats in Greece.


8 days of hiking and yoga holiday on Kos.


Welcome to this tranquil setting for a Greek island retreat on Kos, where the Aegean Sea is only a 5-minute walk away. You’ll spend eight days full of different styles of yoga (vinyasa, yin, Hatha, restorative, and partner), meditation, and breathtaking views from the pool, green gardens, and your seating area during this week-long Greece yoga retreat.

At one of the best yoga retreats in Greece, you will be able to go on amazing hikes, practice yoga every day, visit the Therma, a natural hot spring, and do a sunset meditation with incredible views at Hippocrates Altis near Asklepion.

This yoga retreat in Greece’s team will serve you delicious juice for you every morning before yoga. The food options are vegetarian and vegan.   The tasty food, pleasant company, and lovely environment will create a relaxing evening.



8 Days Meditation and Zen Yoga Retreat in Zakynthos.


This is one of the best yoga retreats in Greece that will help you to immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and inner exploration. Forget about the unrelenting daily stress and discover Zen yoga precepts and meditation; you will also learn easy methods to reduce stress.

The highlights of this yoga retreat in Greece include daily yoga and meditation sessions, personalized guidance in small groups, and plenty of free time to explore and participate in your chosen activities. In addition, they will provide you with a fully equipped kitchen in which to prepare your food.

Explorer’s Rest will be your home for the next seven nights at this yoga retreat in Greece. It is located in a quiet lane in Argassi at the foot of Mount Skopos. Set in a small olive grove, it is a single villa split into four studios.



7 Days Pure Yoga Retreat in Athens, Attica.


This luxury yoga retreat in Greece is designed for yogis who want to involve themselves entirely in yoga. This focused retreat, which is undoubtedly one of the best yoga retreats in Greece, will offer you 4 hours per day of yoga practicing and will help you strengthen your yoga practice within only a week.

If you join this retreat, you will feel so much better, more aligned, and develop a greater understanding of yoga on its own. You’d be amazed how much confidence and power you can gain within a week of yoga practice!

A few highlights of this yoga retreat in Greece include a 6-night stay at the Yoga Skyros Academy, where you will stay in beautifully furnished shared rooms with bathrooms (shower, bathtub, and toilet).



8 Days Unique SUP Yoga Holiday with Sailing Trip Around the Greek Islands.


According to expert tips, this is one of the best yoga retreats in Greece for water and yoga lovers. The best combination ever. You’ll spend a week living aboard a sailboat, visiting 3-4 Cyclades islands depending on the weather.

One week of daily yoga practices with skilled and friendly instructors on each island you visit and free access to a SUP board, sea scooter, and kayak.

Swim at beautiful sandy beaches, eat traditional local cuisine, and stay on a fully equipped boat with 2-4 available double beds or bunk cabins for visitors and one cabin or bunk cabin for the staff.

A fully equipped kitchen, hot and cold running water, an electric fridge, and an outside shower are all provided.



3 Days Relaxing Yoga, Meditation, and Hiking Holiday in Corfu.


Take care of yourself by practicing yoga and meditation daily, eating healthy foods, and making time for yourself. This Yoga retreat in Greece will provide you with peace of mind, time to reconnect with your inner self and nature, and the opportunity to revitalize, relax and refresh your body and mind.

This is the best combination of sunshine, yoga, meditation, swimming, hiking, and delectable home-cooked meals to assist you in reaching your dreams. Spend two nights on this beach vacation relaxing and rejuvenating in gorgeous simple fully – equipped Sea View air-conditioned rooms.

This luxury yoga retreat in Greece will serve you breakfast/brunch and a home-cooked buffet dinner with meat, fish, vegetarian, or vegan options and a long list of other luxurious services and crazy adventures that we can’t all mention here.



8 Days Nature, Beach, Hatha Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation in Mani.


Mani is a historical region of Greece surrounded by mountains and only 300 meters from the shoreline. Joining this yoga retreat in Greece will help you to revitalize yourself in this genuinely peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

This is one of the best yoga retreats in Greece, offering Hatha Yoga to flow and deepen, Nidra Yoga to enter consciousness, Guided Meditation to discover your presence, and the opportunity to express yourself through poetry workshops.

This luxury yoga retreat in Greece will have seven private rooms, and two twin shared or double bedrooms. There is a beautifully decorated place with a couch and stunning views of the hills and water; sunsets are necessary, and the singing of the birds is a sensory experience in itself.



5 Days Boutique Yoga and Restorative Therapy Retreat in Attica.


This is your chance to take a break and unwind in a fantastic, one-of-a-kind retreat. Yoga Skyros Academy offers one of the best yoga retreats in Greece, providing you with the space, environment, and tools to restore and reset your mind, body, and soul. You will be immersed in a one-of-a-kind rehabilitative and retreat program that begins with an evaluation of your body’s needs.

The price of this yoga retreat in Greece includes a half-hour evening meditation, daily therapies based on an evaluation: Kinesiology, Dr. Bach counseling, and spa treatment therapies using essential oils.

You will be a guest at Yoga Skyros Academy’s lodging during your trip. The student rooms are beautifully furnished and decorated, and each room has a bathroom with a shower, bathtub, and toilet.

This yoga retreat is perfect for people who have a hectic lifestyle or require rehabilitation. It is designed for people serious about resetting and restoring their lives.



8 Days Just Relax Yoga Holiday on the Stunning Island of Corfu.


This low-cost yoga retreat in Greece will take you to the outskirts of the breathtaking island of Corfu, where you will be a guest in a villa overlooking the sea, allowing you to stay connected with your senses and find peace within your environment.

This is one of the best yoga retreats in Greece, with delectable Greek food and daily yoga lessons in the morning and evening that include Hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, and Ashtanga from qualified staff. This retreat also includes a free day to discover the island and its stunning beaches.

During this retreat, you will stay in a beautiful Corfiot villa just a short walk from Almyros beach, which has stunning views of the Albanian coast. The villa is designed in the traditional Greek Aeolian style. Significant gardens are flowering with trees and tropical roses at the front and back of the Just Relax villa creating the perfect atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy.



8 Days Iyengar Yoga Retreat with Eugenia in Crete.



This yoga retreat in Greece is open to yogis of all levels and concentrates on learning the Iyengar style of yoga. Yoga classes are held daily, and meditation; lodging is in a classical hotel near the water, and all the meals will be offered. In a stress-free environment, you will spend eight days relaxing, discovering, reflecting, and being in tranquility.

This is one of the best yoga retreats in Greece, providing you with the pleasure of honoring and loving your necessities through the practice of Iyengar yoga and meditation, everyday experiences with the lovely, beautiful blue Mediterranean waters at calm beaches, idyllic, unspoiled environment, healthy, vegetarian, fresh cuisine, outdoor adventures, a friendly and inviting community, and more!



Greece is the most incredible yoga destination in Europe if you want to combine yoga, sun, sea, and tranquility. A yoga retreat in Greece promises a thrilling yet calming journey, a comfortable environment, and excellent lodging, whether you opt to stay on the continent or go island hopping. 

You’ll be pampered with options in Greece, whether you’re searching for something budget-friendly or luxurious.

We hope you can find the best yoga retreat in Greece on this list.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your vacation. ❤❤ 

9 Of The Best Yoga Retreat in Greece in 2022

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