Best Yoga Mat Cleaners 2022

Many people are drenched in sweat after working out and using their yoga mats. It is essential to keep the Mat clean. Still, many find that regular detergents don’t do well on natural fabrics because they can leave residue behind, preventing bacteria absorption – this means that you have to dirty your Mat even more than before!

The best way for these types of materials? Try all-natural cleaner made just for getting challenging cleaning tasks done quickly without compromising quality standards for your Mat.

So you must choose one with ingredients that won’t harm or irritate your Mat! Here are some yoga-Mat-friendly cleaners from our list of the best yoga mat cleaners for those looking into this option.

Top 4 Best Yoga Mat Cleaners You Need In 2022:

Wipex Natural Gym & Fitness Equipment Wipes, New Cloth, Vinegar & Lavender Great for Yoga Mats – Yoga Mat Cleaner


$13.99 – Wipex is a leading manufacturer of wet wipes, which are multi-purpose cleaners and can be used for personal use or gym equipment like yoga mats. They’re made from natural ingredients, including vinegar and lavender essential oils in the solution, leaving no harmful residue behind when they contact your skin! These sizeable 7×7 inch size wipe’s thickness makes them perfect for cleaning up after intense workouts as well, so you don’t have dirty hands at all times during workout sessions. So adding to that’s among the best yoga mat cleaners. It’s skin-friendly! So don’t forget to check out and get this yoga mat cleaner wet wipes on Amazon!


Characteristics (Pros):

  • The Large 7″ x 7″ Gym Wipes in a convenient canister containing 75 Wipex Natural Fitness Equipment wipes for personal use, and home gyms are great to have on hand when you need them!
  • The ideal wipe for any surface, yoga mat included.
  • NO TOXIC FUMES: Your gym equipment will stay clean and fresh with the help of these natural air fresheners. These yoga mat cleaners don’t have any chemical compounds, so they’re safe for you to breathe in as well!
  • NATURAL WIPES: With natural ingredients, including vinegar and lavender essential oil, this yoga mat cleaner is gentle on your floors while leaving them smelling fresh.
  • SAFELY CLEANS NO BLEACH, QUAT, OR AMMONIA! If you’ve ever spilled food or had your Mat dirty, then this is the product for you. It can clean without streaking and protect your LCD screens, chrome, plastic, rubber, fitness equipment, glass, end even more and more products.


  • You may have to use more than one wipe for the job to be done.

So, if you’re looking for a product that you will never have to worry about or looking for something that can clean everything around you, maybe this one is your best yoga mat cleaner – we give you our words!

Yoga Wipes for Body and Mat Yoga Mat Cleaner


$14.90 – This non-toxic cleaning formula is made with saponified organic oils of coconut, olive, and jojoba. It can also be used by itself in your own home as an aromatherapy set! Additionally, it contains essential oils like geranium for a rejuvenating sensation ideal on any yoga mats or equipment that needs thorough cleanings without using alcohol which might deter its longevity. So with the cons that you find at the bottom, this fantastic item is among the best yoga mat cleaners you can find on Amazon this year!


Characteristics (Pros):

  • BODY and MAT: With this special yoga mat cleaner, you can finally get rid of that filmy residue on your floor. It’s safe for sensitive skin and will remove all sorts of dirt from even the most stubborn grime!
  • LAVENDER and TEA TREE OIL: Tea tree and lavender combine to cleanse your yoga mat, leaving it with the soothing scent of a natural herb. No toxic chemicals are needed!
  • HOME, STUDIO, GYM, TRAVEL: The wipes are perfect for taking with you anywhere. The resealable sticker keeps them moist and clean, so they’ll be there when a mess occurs!
  • BEYOND YOGA: You can also use this yoga mat cleaner for your body anytime. Great after a light workout when you need something quick and easy like that fresh feeling from taking an extra shower or getting clean clothes on!
  • AUTHENTIC: The New Namaste Wipes was born out of a need to help reduce waste and be more eco-friendly. The company’s mission is similar to what drives many yogis; they want their customers’ bodies, minds (and even spirit) to feel cared for while doing what they love most: practicing yoga!


  • The liquid might absorb into the Mat.

Manduka Yoga Mat Wash and Refresh – 100% Natural Essential Oil Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray Yoga Mat Cleaner


$12.00 – So, do you need one of the best yoga mat cleaners for your Mat? We have just the thing on our list! The organic Yoga Mat Cleaner is made with natural ingredients and can be used every day to deep clean. Its biodegradable vinegar-based formula mixed in essential oils will remove any stains on that pesky surface while restoring it into its original shape. So easy you can use it every day for deep cleaning purposes.


Characteristics (Pros):

  • MAT WASH AND REFRESH: Keep your Mat smelling fresh with the help of this all-natural, eco-friendly, nourishing scent. The fragrance will not compromise the performance and is gentle enough for any yoga practitioner’s sensitive skin!
  • PLANT-BASED: 100% natural essential oils and naturally derived ingredients among the best yoga mat cleaners. It’s a non-irritating, pet-friendly, biodegradable product with a bottle that can recycle at the end of its life cycle!
  • TO USE:  Use this yoga mat cleaner after every class or workout to keep your Mat clean and fresh with this natural cleaning solution.
  • NATURAL CLEAN: Manduka Yoga mat cleaner refresh is the answer for all your yoga mat needs. Formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients, this product keeps your mats smelling fresh and free from surface dirt or stains to keep them looking their best!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: This product has been specially designed to clean your yoga mat. The 4oz bottle is filled with lemongrass essential oil, which will leave you feeling refreshed and energized after practice!


  • The smell of vinegar might be too intense for some people.

You’ll never have to worry about your yoga mat being clean again. This product is among the best yoga mat cleaners of its kind and will keep you from worrying if it’s been cleaned with chemicals or not!

With an increasing demand for this product, you may have difficulty finding it on Amazon. The company promises that they are working hard and will be available soon!

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Super Yoga Mat Wash – Yoga Mat Cleaner


$20.99 – The Gaiam Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray is among the best yoga mat cleaners on the market every time; it is a USDA-certified organic mat cleaner that will keep your yoga mats clean and bacteria-free. It’s made with only natural ingredients, so it doesn’t damage the fibers or remove stickiness in any way!


Characteristics (Pros):

  • This yoga mat cleaner is USDA certified and made in the USA, so you can ensure that it’s safe for your practice.
  • The tea tree and essential oil combo will leave your Mat smelling fresh without residue.
  • This Yoga Mat Cleaner is made of 100-percent all-natural and non-toxic ingredients that guarantee a safe, clean practice.
  • The most eco-friendly mat cleaner on the market! Simply this one works on any yoga mat material! Yoga lovers can finally enjoy their practice without worrying about leaving behind unhealthy chemicals or expensive ones.


  • It’s important to remember that you may have spray a few extra times while cleaning. But that’s to be sure you’ve gotten every inch of your yoga mat.

Your yoga mat is now clean with the fantastic Gaiam cleaner. You can stop worrying about the chemicals used to get it that way because this product has been proven among the best yoga Mat cleaners for its kind and will keep you from stressing if you clean your Mat with anything else!

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FAQs – Best Yoga Mat Cleaners:

How Often Should You Clean A Yoga Mat?

It is suggested that you cleanse and rotate them after every yoga/workout session to maintain the quality of your Mat.

Can I Use Clorox Wipes On My Yoga Mat?

Clorox wipes are not the best way to clean your yoga mat as they contain harsh chemicals. We recommend you use one of the best yoga mat cleaners of our top 5 cleaners instead!

Can I Use Vinegar To Clean My Yoga Mat?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean the carpet. Wipex Gym & Fitness Equipment Wipes has a special wash that will keep your Mat extremely dry and dirt-free, so it’s ready for another workout!

Can I Clean My Yoga Mat With Alcohol?

You should never use alcohol or other diluted bleach products to clean your yoga mat. They could break down the lanolin in the material, making it dry and brittle over time!

Can A Yoga Mat Go In The Washing Machine?

Not all mats are machine-washable. If you own a yoga mat that says “Machine Washable,” then put it in the washing machine!

How Do You Clean A Yoga Mat At Home?

Here is your Guide:

What To Conclude!

Many products on the market claim to be “made for yoga mats,” but not all of them work well. For best results, you need an all-natural cleaner made just for getting challenging cleaning tasks done quickly without compromising quality standards for your Mat. The best yoga mat cleaners are natural products that can easily clean even the toughest stains and odors while leaving no residue behind! It’s safe enough to use on any material, including rubber, vinyl, cotton, or nylon; So if you’re in search of a cleaner that will give your Mat new life, then look no further than this list of the best yoga mat cleaners available on the market. Because we’re a team of dedicated researchers and product testers who have spent thousands upon hours finding what works best in this industry when you buy something on Amazon, it must be from an honest seller with high recommendations – so come here first before making any purchases online or offline.

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