Top 5 Best Yoga Mat Bags on Amazon 2022

There are many best yoga mat bags on amazon that you can choose from. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors, and textures. The best thing about these best yoga mat bags is that they allow you to take your mat with you wherever you go! I know this sounds like it’s impossible but it’s not! All of the best yoga mat bag manufacturers make sure their products hold up for years to come so they will last through all of your adventures.

Below, we’ve selected some of the best yoga mat bags you can purchase now. Whether looking for one that will do double-duty as your main gym bag or just something to hold a single mat plus keys and phone while enjoying sun salutations in the park or everywhere! – here’s what we recommend!

5 Best Yoga mat Bags on Amazon in 2022

CHICECO Travel Yoga Gym Bag for Women


From 32$ – It’s no surprise that the adorable black Travel yoga gym bag for women has almost 800 five-star ratings, with reviewers calling out its impressive storage capacity and internal organization. The adjustable mat strap on top makes for more comfortable carries as well!


Gaiam Watercress Cargo


From 27$ – A stylish 30″ L x 6” diameter yoga bag that’s perfect for carrying your items from the elements. Made of 100% cotton with an adjustable shoulder strap, zipper, and large pocket it can hold a standard size mat as well as a towel or personal effects! The material is strong but gentle on sensitive skin too so you don’t have to worry about getting dirty in this case when outdoorsy activities are concerned!


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Open Road Goods Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Bag 


From 39.99$ – The Open Road Goods Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Bag is a great choice for those looking to travel with their mat. It scored high marks on Amazon, including in durability and ease of use!

The bag has a spacious interior that’s perfect for storing your mat and other items like water or juice. In addition, there is one pocket outside that’s perfect for holding your phone or other small items. The best part? This yoga mat bag is made of 100% recycled materials! So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly best yoga mat bag, this is your best bet.


Explore Land Oxford Yoga Mat Storage Bag with Breathable Window and Large


From 14.99$ – With a 310-rated Amazon rating, the Explore Land Oxford Travel Yoga Mat Bag is an excellent choice for taking your mat and extra accessories on any trip. This yoga mat bag is made of 100% Polyester, and it has a double-sided zipper that makes accessing your items extremely easy. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort while carrying on long journeys! So don’t let your best yoga mat bag keep you from traveling around the globe with extra gear!


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Warrior2 Yoga Mat Holder Carrier


From 32$ – The Warrior2 Yoga Mat Holder Carrier has over 209 ratings and 9 answered questions on Amazon. It’s a reliable yoga mat carrier that will ensure your mats stay safe during use, no matter where you are going or what happens to be around!

This yoga carry-all bag is the perfect way to take your mat everywhere. This comfortable, spacious, and stylish shoulder strap will alternate between being carried as a sling bag or over one shoulder while remaining fully adjustable in length so you can find just what works best for every activity!


Buying Guide for the Best Yoga Mat Bags

Bending, balancing and twists are a few of the many benefits that yoga offers. However, carrying your mat can be difficult if you’re not careful with how much weight this folds up into! It would help save time in classes when trying out new poses or just continuing on after an interruption so make sure to invest some money into one today.

Yoga mat bags are often the solution to a number of problems. yoga mat bags hold your clothes and personal items along with providing protection for your mats in both wet conditions or when traveling abroad, while strap style carriers keep it contained over one shoulder so that they don’t slip off easily if not used correctly; So we can see that best yoga mat bags are not only a necessity for the modern yogi but also a very versatile and handy tool.

You don’t know what to look for when buying a yoga mat bag? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this buying guide, we’ll teach you what to look for before you buy your best yoga mat bags to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

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Yoga Mat Bags Features


Pockets are a coveted feature that can be internal or external, depending on the size of the yoga mat bag. They eliminate the need to carry an additional purse for your personal items and help you keep everything tidy; open water bottle pockets usually sit outside so they’re easy to access at all times! So when you want to buy a yoga mat bag, be sure that you buy a Yoga mat bag with a water bottle holder!


For standard 26 inch mats, you should buy a bag that is at least 27 inches long. Thicker and wider yogis will need the larger of any two sizes- but don’t worry! These can easily be stored in one compartment without taking up too much space. If you’re frequently on the go, it’s best to buy a yoga mat bag with a lot of storage capacity!


Yoga class is great for relaxing and stretching, but it can be a pain if your mat arrives at the studio wet from rain or snow because of how slippery they make the floor. Protect yourself with an enclosed bag made out of water-repellent materials like treated canvas or polyester before walking to class!


Yoga mat bags come in all shapes and sizes, from elegant designer styles to bold statement-makers. Whether you’re going for a minimalist look or something more traditional yogic style – there’s an option that will suit your needs! So even if you’re afraid of having to buy yoga mat bags that don’t look good, rest assured – there are options out there for everyone!

What to Conclure?

We hope that this article has helped you identify what is important to you in a yoga mat bag, and which features are the most valuable. There are many choices out there for your own best yoga mat bags, so make sure you figure out what’s most important before buying! And don’t forget, your yoga mat is an investment – so take care of it by using a quality bag to protect it.

FAQs – Yoga Mat Bags:

Why trust YogaHelpedMe?

YogaHelpedMe is dedicated to providing you with the best products for your needs. All of our opinions are 100% honest, and we only make money if you buy something through one of our affiliate links!

Is A Yoga Mat Bag Worth It?

The answer is yes! And we’re going to tell ya why. There’s nothing worse than coming home from class and realizing your mat isn’t safe because it got dirty or wet during practice, right?! So what better way than with this super cute lightweight affair known as the “Yoga Mat Bag.” It comes complete…with everything needed for transport including space in which all those sweaty extras can go–like clothes/shoes etcetera…

How Do I Clean My Yoga Mat Bag?

Strap-style yoga mats are generally machine washable, but always check the care label before washing. If you have a canvas bag or anything made of leather that’s prone to getting dirty easily in general (such as a messenger-style laptop backpack), put them through their paces with this one tip: throw it on your regular laundry schedule and don’t use any heat! This way they can get all sweaty without worrying about shrinking upon you – which is good news since most folks might not want any more uncomfortable surprises while working out at home alone during these hot summer months 😉

What’s The Best Yoga Mat Bag Style For Me If I Have An Extra-Thick Mat?

The best way to avoid frustration is by investing in a duffel mat bag. These bags tend to be roomier than sling style, and can fit thicker mats with plenty of space for blocks or blankets too!.

How Can I Keep My Yoga Mat Bag Hygienic?

If you’re a frequent hot yoga practitioner, we recommend washing your bag once a week to avoid bacteria buildup in the interior. Consider getting some disinfectant wipes for storage inside of it!

Will the Standard-Sized Bags Hold a Thick Yoga Mat?

The regular-sized Yoga Mat Bags are 29.5 inches long, and 7.5 inches in diameter to hold a mat that is 1/4 inch thick along with some extra space for your t-shirt or small towel if desired! They can fit up 71″ Premium Black mats nicely when rolled evenly inside (or outside!) of its zippered pockets.

The X-Large Yoga Mat Bag is an excellent choice for the 85″ Premium Bag Mat and can fit this mat as well as a Practice Rug. It may be better than regular size bags if you roll up your mats fast or unevenly after practice with it because of its extra length which enables more surface area coverage on both ends!

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