10 Best Trochanteric Belt: Reviews and Recommendations

Have you been suffering from trochanteric bursitis? Maybe trochanter pain or trochanter iliac syndrome has been keeping you up at night. If so, it’s time to find the best trochanteric belt on Amazon! Our team of experts searched high and low for the most reliable trochanteric belts around. We found some great products that will help relieve your pain and discomfort. Read on to see our list of the top trochanteric belts available online right now!

Here Are The 10 Best Trochanteric Belts On Amazon

DonJoy Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Support Belt
DonJoy Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Support Belt
Silicone grip strips prevent the support brace from migrating and "locks" the hips
OPTP Si-Loc Sacroiliac Support Belt - Small/Medium (670) - Low Back & Pelvic Pain Relief
OPTP Si-Loc Sacroiliac Support Belt - Small/Medium (670) - Low Back & Pelvic Pain Relief
Sacroiliac belt supports and compresses the Si joint to relieve back pain; Made of lightweight, breathable fabric
SEROLA® Sacroiliac Belt, Medium – Fits 34” to 40” Hip Measurement
SEROLA® Sacroiliac Belt, Medium – Fits 34” to 40” Hip Measurement
Improves Core Strength, Mobility and Circulation; Can Be Worn Safely 24/7, Over or Under the Clothing and Does Not Cause Depend

Sacroiliac Hip Belt in Vriksasana


Vriksasana’s SI joint hip belt relieves joint discomfort while also reducing lower back, leg nerve pain, and SI joint inflammation. It also aids in the stabilization of the sacroiliac joint, which has become hypermobile due to inflammation or hypermobility. It’s composed of moisture-wicking neoprene and is constructed of breathable, lightweight fabric. The item is kept from slipping while being worn thanks to the anti-slip silicone slips.

The Original Sacroiliac Hip Belt features a dual-belt design that allows you to adjust the intensity of compression. Meanwhile, you may adjust the amount of additional compression needed over a specific location with the auxiliary strap. To guarantee proper pain relief and healing, the business suggests using the support belt for two weeks, night and day.

Both the velcro support and the absence of adequate size choices have been reported as difficulties by users. However, when taken as directed, it may be quite effective and is reasonably priced. Nude and black are other options. 


DonJoy Joint Support Belt for the Sacroiliac (SI) Joint


This breathable joint support belt is available in sizes small to x-large and is perfect for long periods of usage. It also meshes, with silicone grip strips to hold the support brace in place. The DonJoy Sacroiliac Joint Support Belt is great for wearing under your clothes because of its low-profile design.

Thanks to the incorporation of a revolutionary mechanical advantage pulley system, the compression supplied by this belt is remarkably smooth. You can also adjust the tension to your liking, and it includes a velcro fastening that makes it easy to put on and take off. This support belt is one of the more costly alternatives on our list, and some customers found it unpleasant to wear when sitting.

However, the easy-pull handle on this sacroiliac joint support belt provides for rapid, customizable comfort, and the low-profile design allows you to wear it beneath your clothes.


SI-LOC Sacroiliac Support Belt by OPTP


Back spasms and lower back discomfort might be relieved with this sacroiliac support belt. This sacroiliac belt is composed of breathable, lightweight fabric that may be readily hidden beneath clothing.

Aside from that, the nude color is a plus. The belt includes a hook and loop closing mechanism that allows you to adjust the anti-slip clasp to your preference for optimal comfort. There are also medical-grade, non-slip pads included to keep it from sliding up and down.

This SI joint belt also features a patented tapered shape, unlike some of the other SI joint belts on our list. Certain portions of the belt have been expanded broader to guarantee even pressure distribution and long-term comfort. While the manufacturer does not explicitly indicate this in the description, past consumers have reported that this product does not offer a return or exchange policy. Keep in mind, however, that it is reasonably priced and includes useful features like an anti-slip clasp and medical-grade, non-slip padding. 


Compression Hip Brace from BODYMATE


In terms of style and functions, this compression brace stands out among the others on our list. The BODYMATE Compression Brace, unlike the ones we’ve featured so far, doesn’t simply cover your hips; it also features an adjustable locking strap that may be worn on either your left or right leg.

This unique device is intended to aid in the treatment of hamstring strains, sciatica, and various hip, quad, and groin issues. This belt may be great for you if you experience muscle pulls, lower back discomfort, SI joint pain, or hip flexor or hamstring difficulties.

Thanks to the steady compression relief it gives, it also helps to reduce recovery time and boost blood flow in certain regions. Users have complained that the support belt is too narrow in some cases and that having to remove the brace to use the lavatory is inconvenient in others. However, the company’s product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and is one of the more affordable alternatives on Orestroom. If you’re on a tight budget, this may be the best for you.


Unisex Bauerfeind Back Support (SacroLoc)


Thanks to the two-part viscoelastic cushion cushions, this belt is another unique choice on our list, providing massaging pain relief. By massaging the trigger points surrounding the sacroiliac joints, it releases pressure in the area where the sacroiliac and pelvic bones meet.

This massaging effect relieves pain and improves circulation, promoting recovery. It also contains tension straps so you may modify the compression amount to your liking. Lower back discomfort and accompanying symptoms, arthritis, joint instabilities, and sacroiliac (SI) joint instabilities can all be helped with the Bauerfeind Unisex SacroLoc Back Support. It’s composed of a machine-washable, breathable, lightweight fabric that won’t trap heat.

The belt is made to fit your body’s shape and may be worn under or over your clothes. The number of size options available, seven to be exact, is another feature that customers will like. This is the most costly choice so far, and it appears to only come in blue.

Users, on the other hand, praised the product’s great quality, and it is the only one that provides a massaging effect for pain alleviation. So, if money isn’t an issue, this is a wonderful option to think about!


GNR’s BackWonder SI Joint Belt


This sacroiliac belt appears to be narrower than many of the others on our list, but it is available in four sizes to ensure a great fit. Because of the ergonomic design by a physical therapist, BackWonder assures that their belt will stay firmly in place on your hips.

Two non-slip interior panels make this possible while still allowing you to move around freely. This sacroiliac belt was made to aid with hip discomfort, lumbar and leg pain, and joint difficulties. It also helps decrease pain sensations by stabilizing the pelvis, hips, and SI joints. This high-quality, long-lasting belt is constructed of soft neoprene with a moisture-wicking inner.

This lightweight gadget may be worn beneath your clothes without hurting your skin or impeding mobility, making it ideal for men and women of all ages. It’s simple to use, with a metal clasp for quick adjustments and two side-pull elastic cinch straps for more support. You may need to size down because this sacroiliac belt appears to run large, and consumers have mentioned that it doesn’t always stay in place.

This budget-friendly choice, on the other hand, features an ergonomic shape and a moisture-absorbent lining, making it suitable for people who live or work in hot climates.


Sacroiliac Hip Belt by Serola


This hip belt proves that larger isn’t always better; while it’s the smallest (width) belt on our list, it comes with a slew of advantages. It has the right amount of resilience and resistance to help your joints re-establish normal motion. Furthermore, because the SI belt stabilizes your spine, it increases the strength of your legs, hips, and back.

Because of its tacky nature, which gives extra grip, the Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt claims to stay in position even during rigorous activity. It’s constructed of hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking open-cell urethane foam.

Many people are concerned about the relatively costly cost of this sacroiliac belt, and despite its modest size, consumers have complained that it bunches up underneath their clothes. Regardless, if you have sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic belt is an excellent alternative. It comes in sizes small to x-large, is made of moisture-wicking material, and has a tacky surface for added grip.


Sacroiliac Hip Belt, Pro Enrichment


This SI hip belt is comprised of neoprene, spandex, and nylon and may be worn under your clothes without being seen. It’s also suitable for wearing when sleeping, exercising, or participating in sports.

Hip or pelvic instability, sciatica pain, lower back pain, joint inflammation, and sacroiliac joint or SI joint dysfunction can all be relieved with it. The pelvic support belt hook with loop fasteners is one of the essential characteristics of the Pro Enrichment Sacroiliac Hip Belt, making it easy to put on and take off.

The lower back brace, which assists in the stabilization of the lower back, sacrum, and pelvis, is another crucial element. You may also alter the degree of compression using an additional strap on the back belt.

The belt is not as broad as the product photographs depict, and it slips off the hips after a time, according to users. The SI belt, on the other hand, costs a reasonable amount of money and maybe worn when sleeping, exercising, or participating in sports. 


Sacroiliac SI Joint Hip Belt by PlayActive


This SI belt offers anti-slip characteristics in addition to being breathable and composed of lightweight, medical-grade material. It contains elastic tension straps that allow you to customize the tightness and support for both men and women.

The PlayActive belt is 3.5 inches wide and fits hips that are 36 to 40 inches in circumference. It’s meant to ease tension, discomfort, and pressure caused by pelvic instability and may be worn over or under your clothes.

It also has a sturdy loop and hook closures, as well as smart tabs for simple usage and removal. The SI belt may be visible when worn beneath clothing, and it does not remain firmly on the hips, according to users. However, bear in mind that you must fit within the specified measurements, and a money-back guarantee is available.


Brace to Support The Sacroiliac Joints


The one-handle pulley system on this one-size-fits-all Sacroiliac brace allows for quick and easy fit modification. The brace also comes with two removable pressure pads for use on painful or inflamed regions, providing an additional layer of support and compression. This brace has a thin and lightweight breathable mesh band that you may wear all day.

Medical-grade Velcro, which is 10 times stronger than normal velcro, holds the brace in place on your hips. It fits a hip circumference of 32-50 inches and is suitable for both men and women.

Due to the lack of instructions, buyers were perplexed as to how to utilize the pressure pads, and several users reported that the brace slipped out of position while in use. However, if you’re looking for something light, breathable, and simple to use, this is a fantastic option.


Trochanteric Belt – FAQs

Do trochanteric belts work?

A trochanteric belt is a supportive brace that can aid with pain relief, inflammation reduction, and function restoration. The purpose of this basic, yet efficient device is to support the pelvis and avoid excessive SI joint movement.

What does a trochanteric belt do?

A trochanteric belt is intended to inhibit SI joint mobility to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. The belt is typically four to eight inches wide and constructed of elastic or similar flexible material, and it is worn securely around the hips. When worn regularly, it provides support, decreases stress on the SI joint, and promotes good pelvic alignment. A trochanteric belt, to put it simply, is an external device that performs the function of the ligaments.

Are sacroiliac belts helpful?

Wearing a Sacroiliac belt can provide several advantages, including pain reduction and improved posture; however, the alleviation received varies greatly from person to person.

Do serola belts work?

The Serola Belt, when properly positioned on the pelvis, provides unfettered movement across the whole range of motion. The Serola Belt, unlike a lumbar belt or a weight lifting belt, does not produce muscular atrophy or weakening as a result of this essential distinction in location and function.

Can you sleep with a sacroiliac belt?

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt may be worn at any time, including while sleeping, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The length of time the belt may be worn is unrestricted, and wearing it for extended periods has no detrimental consequences.

How long does it take for SI joint belt to work?

Returning to full weight bearing on the sacroiliac joint is generally slow, necessitating the use of support (such as a cane or walker) for about 4 weeks, followed by 4 to 6 weeks of toe-touch ambulation (walking with the ball of the foot touching the ground before the heel).

What should I avoid with sacroiliac joint dysfunction?

All of the Wrong Moves are well-known. Certain motions might aggravate SI joint discomfort and prevent you from mending. Avoid doing sit-ups, twisting, or bending from the waist with your knees straight by avoiding bringing your knees to your chest. Running should be avoided until you’ve recovered.

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